13 July 2008

The Fantastic 5

Good afternoon World from southwestern Pennsylvania, U.S.A., where politics has been anything but boring. Now, I know a lot of people depend on their political news from CNN, and the major networks, who are trying their hand at propaganda to convince voters that there are only 2 contestants in this U.S. Presidential race of 2008, when in actuality, there are 5 major candidates, according to 'Project Vote Smart' at http://www.votesmart.org/election_president.php:

Now, you would think that a U.S. President would be decided by U.S. citizens. If this is the case, why is Barack H. Obama campaigning in Europe just a few months before the Presidential election?

Notice also that Barack H. Obama has gotten a tremendous amount of money from contributions over the internet. Do you honestly believe that all these contributions came from U.S. registered voters during a time of economic crisis in our country? Remember, other countries are prospering now, at the expense of the United States, and they have the money to donate to U.S. Presidential candidates.

Will the next President of the United States work for U.S. citizens, or will he serve Kenya, Israel, Germany, England, Mexico, or some other country?

Personally, I will be voting for a man I believe will have the United States' best interest at heart. I will be voting in someone who I believe actually loves this country.

Contrary to what I have heard people from Europe and Mexico say, the United States is more than a place where people come to make money, and then take that money back to their country of origin. This is my home.

I love the United States of America. I want the next President of the United States to feel that way also, not just spout it on television commercials. U.S. voters are not cattle to be herded. We have hearts & minds. We have questions. We want answers. Not propaganda.

So please research all 5 candidates, and decide for yourself who would be best for you and your family. Don't let the media and foreigners decide for you. Ask questions. Demand honest answers.

Hopefully, with God's grace, we will all get through this Presidential election with our sanity in tact.

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