10 February 2008

Still Undecided

A week ago Friday, I joined a gym. Nothing fancy. No pool. No showers. Simply a gym with weights, treadmill, stationary bike. Yet, it was all I really needed to see some definition in my calves, and firmness in my biceps already. This simple gym, with no hype, no glitz, no glamor is helping me to accomplish what I need done for my body.

In politics, I am not looking for hype, glitz, nor glamor, but simply someone who can accomplish what I need done for my country, The United States of America.

Essentially, there are 3 candidates right now left in the Presidential 2008 Election, not including any independents, or candidates outside the Democrat or Republican parties, and I still have no clue whom I will vote for in April, let alone November.

Normally, as I stated before, I am registered "no party", yet, for this Pennsylvania Primary coming up, I registed "Democrat" so I will be allowed to vote.

First of all, the amount of melanin, the makeup of the 23rd pair of chromosomes, and the sexual preference of a candidate does not matter to me, as those qualities do not tell me what kind of definition that candidate will bring to the Oval Office. What I am looking at is past voting records, and quite frankly, none of them look outstanding.

As for experience, none of them have been President of the United States before, so none of them have experience.

As for change, change is not always better. After all, Hitler promised change, and he did change Germany.

As for moral standings, Hitler did not drink alcohol. Hitler did not smoke. Hitler was not unfaithful. Do we want to elect a Hitler?

Like a gym for our body, I think we need to look beyond hype, glitz, glamor, and choose a candidate that will help our country be the best it can.

Now, the question is, which one?

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