11 February 2008

Let Our Votes Count

Sunday mornings are usually invested in watching first CBS News: Sunday Morning (http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/sunday/main3445.shtml), then switching over to ABC News: This Week With George Stephanopoulos (http://abcnews.go.com/thisweek), then finishing off with NBC News: Meet the Press (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032608/). Yesterday, they talked a lot about "super delegates". Makes them sound a lot like super heroes, but they are not heroes, in my opinion, at all. They are a reminder, for me, that we do not live in a democracy. Our votes do not really count. This is being demonstrated at many different levels.

First, we are made to vote on electronic machines that have been proven to be easily hacked, and votes changed, with no proof of our vote.

Second, a delegate, and especially a super delegate, does not have to elect the candidate with the most popular votes in that particular state. According to an OBama campaign representative, super delegates should choose whatever candidate that delegate believes is best for the political party, and not necessarily whom the voters elect.

Third, in Washington, after only 87% of the votes were counted, they determined a winner, and quit counting votes. To me, that is saying that our votes do not matter.

How can we preach democracy to other countries when we do not practice democracy in our own country, without being hypocritical? I realize we are not a democracy in the United States, and our government is set up as a republic, yet, we teach children that we are a democracy here. I did not learn that we were a republic until my mom took her citizenship test when I was a child. To become a citizen of the U.S., people have to know we are a republic, and not a democracy, yet, many natural citizens of the U.S. truly believe that the U.S. is a democracy because of the propaganda spouted by our politicians, schools, media.

Why should our government be honest?

History has taught us that our most respected Presidents broke laws. George Washington was a faithful and loyal subject of Britain before the Revolutionary War. Abraham Lincoln suspended Habius Corpus during the Civil War. What will history say about our current president?

So with political parties breaking laws (not allowing all votes to be counted...and maybe even changing votes, though that is harder to prove), are they just following examples of former presidents?

Growing up, I was taught, "It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." I wonder what politicians are taught growing up.

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