23 July 2007

Lets Get To Know Our Presidential Candidates for 2008

First of all, I would like to thank those who emailed me in regards to my blog about Presidential Candidates 2008.

To the Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters who emailed me, I agree it would be nice to have a "first man" for once instead of a "first lady", but I would not vote for a presidential candidate based on gender for the same reason I would not vote for a presidential candidate based on ethnicity. Every person is an individual, and should be judged as such.

To the Barack Obama supporters who emailed me, I agree we need someone in office with common sense. From growing up in different parts of the country and the world, I have noticed that different people have conflicting definitions of "common sense". For example, when I was living in Texas, I found a wallet on the side of NASA Rd 1 in Seabrook while walking, so I went back to the payphone at my apartment complex since it was the closest phone around (this was in the early '90s) and phoned the police. I was asked to bring the wallet into the station, so I walked to the station, picking up more pieces of the wallet along the way. Now, there were people who thought I was stupid for picking up pieces of some guy's wallet from the side of the road, though the wallet contained family photos and personal information, and common sense told me it was the right action to take, where for others, "common sense" would have said "finders keepers, losers weepers", or to "just ignore it" like I was told by a neighbor of mine. My neighbor actually got upset with me for taking the wallet to the police.

Another example was when I was in Houston, Texas, witnessing a young woman get dragged into an elevator trying to fight the guy off. I wanted to help. The guy I was with stopped me telling me that she was just a hooker, and to look the other way. To him, that was common sense. Not to me. So I walked over to the police station and told an officer what I saw. A couple police officers went to check it out and the girl told them that she was just rehearsing for some acting job. Still, my "common sense", which is not the same as everyone's, told me to do something to help someone who may be in danger. There were a half dozen people who saw this girl get dragged into the elevator...I was the only one of the who took any action other than "looking the other way" or ignoring it. That was what "common sense" told them to do. Actually, the guy I was with told me I had no "common sense" because I went to the police, which put my own life in danger.

So I agree that Barack Obama has "common sense", but who's definition?

The problem I have with Barack is that he does not take responsibility. When I was a kid, and invited a friend over, I was responsible for anything my friend did in our home. By the same token, Barack is the one who hires his staff. He is responsible then for anything his employees send out to the media. Yet, Barack likes to deny responsibility. We already have a President and Vice-President like that. I do not want to vote someone into office like our current administration.

There is a Voter's Research Hotline at 1-888-VOTE-SMART where you can ask any question, any time, which is manned by Project Vote Smart. Here is their website: http://www.vote-smart.org/program_hotline.php

2008 Presidential Candidates in alphabetical order, along with their status & political party:

Status.............. Name..................... Party
Announced Laura Davis Aaron Democrat
Potential.... Steve Adams Independent
Announced Donald Kenneth Allen Independent
Potential.... Gene Amondson Prohibition
Announced Warren Roderick Ashe Democrat
Announced George H. Ballard Democrat
Announced Terry Lee Barkdull Unknown
Announced Daniel James Barnett Republican
Potential.... Bob Barr Libertarian
Withdrawn Evan Bayh Democrat
Announced Carl Durantye Belle Independent
Announced Joseph R. Biden Democrat
Withdrawn William Hobert Blakley Republican
Potential.... Michael R. Bloomberg Independent
Announced John Douglas Blyth Independent
Announced John Taylor Bowles Other
Announced J. Boydston Constitution
Announced Ryan Joseph Brady Democrat
Announced Dewey R. Broughman Republican
Potential.... Elaine Brown Green Party
Announced Samuel D. Brownback Republican
Announced Edward Allan Buck Republican
Announced Emperor Caesar Democrat
Announced Raymond Joseph Caplette Democrat
Announced Jerry Leon Carroll Other
Announced Anthony Lungo Carter Republican
Potential.... Patrick Cazneau Unknown
Withdrawn Gene Chapman Constitution
Announced Jeanne Chebib Unknown
Potential.... Wesley K. Clark Democrat
Announced Hillary Rodham Clinton Democrat
Announced Eamon Patrick Clune Republican
Announced Hugh Cort Republican
Announced John H. Cox Republican
Announced Randolph Wilson Crow Democrat
Announced Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise Independent
Announced Orion Karl Daley Independent
Announced Jack L Dietz Democrat
Announced Christopher J. Dodd Democrat
Announced Susan Gail Ducey Republican
Announced John Reid Edwards Democrat
Announced Max Englerius Other
Announced Philip Epstein Democrat
Announced Clarita Fazzari Independent
Announced Lowell Jackson Fellure Republican
Announced Bennie Lee Ferguson Independent
Announced Richard Francis Flynn Democrat
Announced Michael Keith Forrester Democrat
Announced Robert L.eonard Forthan Republican
Announced Danny M. Francis Democrat
Announced Anthony Keith Gallagher Republican
Announced Ida Cecilia Garza Independent
Announced Daniel A. Gilbert Republican
Withdrawn James S. Gilmore Republican
Potential.... Newton Leroy Gingrich Republican
Announced Rudolph W. Giuliani Republican
Potential.... Albert Gore Democrat
Announced Mark Blair Graham Unknown
Announced Maurice Robert Gravel Democrat
Announced Raymond Ferrill Green Republican
Announced Jon A. Greenspon No Party Affiliation
Announced Jackson Kirk Grimes United Fascist Union
Potential.... Charles T. Hagel Republican
Announced Albert Hamburg Democrat
Announced Curtis Hayward Independent
Announced Samuel B. Hoff Independent
Announced Joe Honeychurch Republican
Announced Mildred T. Howard Republican
Announced Michael D. Huckabee Republican
Announced William Charles Hughes Democrat
Announced Duncan L. Hunter Republican
Announced Daniel J. Imperato Independent
Announced Michael Paul Jingozian Libertarian
Announced Arnold Matthew Jones Independent
Announced Keith Russell Judd Independent
Announced Timothy Charles Kalemkarian Republican
Announced John Joseph Kennedy Democrat
Withdrawn John Forbes Kerry Democrat
Announced David Allen Koch None
Announced Philip A. Kok Republican
Announced Yaphet Kotto Republican
Announced Karl Everett Krueger Democrat
Announced Steve W. Kubby Libertarian
Announced Dennis J. Kucinich Democrat
Potential.... Karen Kwiatkowski Libertarian
Announced Dal Anthony LaMagna Democrat
Announced Monroe Lee Democrat
Announced Joseph Felix Leonaitis Independent
Announced Alden Link Republican
Announced Elvena E. Lloyd-Duffie Republican
Announced Yehanna Joan Mary Malone Republican
Announced Mike Benjamin Martisko Other
Announced Joseph Martyniuk Independent
Announced John Christopher Mason Democrat
Announced John Sidney McCain Republican
Announced James Hatton McCall Independent
Announced Frank Edward McEnulty None
Announced Orleans Victor Mcfoy Democrat
Announced Sherry Ann Meadows Democrat
Announced Lee L. Mercer Democrat
Announced Kent Philip Mesplay Green Party
Announced James Creighton Mitchell Republican
Announced Omar Jones Monahan None
Announced Brian Joseph Moran Other
Announced Robert Edward Edward Moreau Republican
Announced Michael Moriarty Independent
Announced Abdul (Kareem) Muhammad Republican
Potential.... Ralph Nader Independent
Announced Sandra Queen Noble None
Announced Barack Hussein Obama Democrat
Announced Frederick Eugene Ogin Republican
Potential.... George E. Pataki Republican
Announced Ronald Ernest Paul Republican
Announced Jeffrey Charles Petkevicius Independent
Announced George D. J. Phillies Libertarian
Announced Deshon Porter Independent
Potential.... James John Prattas Democrat
Announced William Nathaniel Raven Republican
Announced Bill Richardson Democrat
Announced Willard Mitt Romney Republican
Announced Paul Russell Rosenberger Unknown
Potential.... Gary Rostad Democrat
Potential.... Mary J. Ruwart Libertarian
Announced Cameron Sadovsky Independent
Announced Marshall Samuel Sanders Republican
Announced Launeil Neil Sanders Republican
Announced Ole' Savior Democrat/Farmer/Labor
Announced Barbara Ann Scaff Democrat
Announced Joseph Charles Schriner None
Announced Jonathon Albert Sharkey Independent
Announced Scott J. Sheldon Democrat
Announced Jack Shepard Republican
Announced Freddy Irwin Sitnick Republican
Announced Christine Smith Libertarian
Announced Richard Michael Smith Republican
Announced Michael Charles Smith Republican
Announced Johns Wallace Stevenson Republican
Announced Michael Sugerman Independent
Announced Charles Joseph Leo Symonds Independent
Announced Tom Gerald Tancredo Republican
Announced Jeffrey Chapman Thomas Democrat
Announced Tommy G. Thompson Republican
Potential.... Fred Dalton Thompson Republican
Potential.... Michael Tienken Independent
Announced Linda Tompkins Independent
Announced Bruce Calvin Trask Reform
Announced Corrogan R. Vaughn Republican
Withdrawn Tom Vilsack Democrat
Announced Hugh Wallace Independent
Potential.... Mark R. Warner Democrat
Announced Lanakila Washington Humanistic
Announced Thomas Wells Unknown
Announced Ruth Bryant White Independent
Announced Kelcey Brian Wilson Other
Announced Robert B. Winn Independent
Announced Marc Wolin Republican
Announced Vernon Edgar Wuensche Republican

8 of the political parties:

As you can see, there are more choices than just Republican or Democrat. The choices give me hope in case I do not like the Republican or Democratic candidate that wins their party's primary elections.

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