17 June 2007

The Right to Vote

Happy Father's Day!!!

I just transferred some of the genealogy blogs from this site to a blog I started some years ago called "Count On It"...I decided to make "Count On It" my genealogy blog. It is at http://CountOnIt.blogspot.com.

Now, let me go back a few weeks to the state primary election here in Pennsylvania. Our governor put on the primary ballot a proposal to raise state income tax. Personally, I feel we already pay more than enough income tax, while our lawmakers use the money to vacation...so my husband and I went to vote against this proposal. My husband was registered "independant" and I was registered "no party", so we drove to the our polling place in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, where we were told that because we were not registered either Republican or Democrat, we were no allowed to vote.

I insisted that I had the right to vote for the income tax proposal. This centurian woman behind the table, in her "do not talk back to me tone" told me that she took a class and they said that only registered Democrats & registered Republicans were allowed to vote. So I replied that she needs to get on the phone with the election board and check because no one was taking away my right to vote on the tax proposal.

So one of the younger senior citizens made the phone call, and came back saying that we had the right to vote for the proposal. But the centurian holding the book still did not let us sign in the registration book at this time that we voted. So my husband and I went to vote, and the senior citizen who was suppose to help those who did not know how to vote, was actually telling us which box to mark...which is suppose to be completely illegal. And, the booths were completely open, and I noticed a woman looking over my shoulder as to how I was voting.

Then to top it off, after my husband & I voted, I said I still needed to sign the registration book. The centurian sternly told me that I did not vote, and I do not sign the book. So I told her to get back on the phone and check. She obviously was not happy about this. But it turned out I was right. So she let us sign, but all the signatures were done in pencil instead of pen.

We did not vote until 5:30 p.m., which makes me wonder how many other registered voters were turned away just because they were not Democrats or Republicans.

In Pennsylvania, we have several political parties according to http://www.politics1.com/pa.htm:


  • America First Party of Pennsylvania

  • Communist Party of Pennsylvania

  • Constitution Party of Pennsylvania

  • Pennsylvania Democratic Party

  • Green Party of Pennsylvania

  • Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

  • Reform Party of Pennsylvania

  • Pennsylvania Republican Party

  • Social Democratic Party of Pennsylvania

  • Socialist Party of Pennsylvania

And http://www.politics1.com/parties.htm tells about different parties. Notice, it is not just Democrat & Republican, and denying a person the right to vote on an income tax proposal because that person is not registered Democrat or registered Republican is undemocratic.

So how in the world can we ethically tell other countries to practice democracy, when we do not practice democracy ourselves? I guess the government is like my dad, when my dad used to say, "Do as I say, not as I do."