10 May 2007

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Having been a military wife myself, I know first hand that it is not the easiest life to live. So I want to let military spouses know they are appreciated on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, which is May 11th.

There is a particular military spouse I would like to acknowledge: my mom.

Being married now to a non-military man, I know I come first in his life. I know that no matter what happens, he will be there for me, that he will always "have my back".

In military life, the enlisted person puts his/her job first, and "has the back" of the people with which he/she serves. The spouse is expected to "hold down the fort" while the military person is doing his/her duty.

With moving every 2 to 4 years, it is difficult for the military spouse to have a career, as their lives are centered around the military career.

Military spouses make a lot of personal sacrifies, but rarely receive any medals for their valor.

So here is a medal for military spouses:

03 May 2007

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

I just created this slideshow of pictures my husband and I took last year of Blackwater Falls. These pictures were taken in June, on our way back home from vacation in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. We stopped at Blackwater Falls, and took the short hike to these beautiful views that you see on the pictures.