04 January 2007

Pets are for life

It really ticks me off when someone dumps a pet to die. Night before last, my husband and I were driving back from Lowes and Giant Eagle heading south on 51. My husband had changed lanes to turn into the main section of Perryopolis when he noticed that in the middle of the street a kitten raised his head. So we went back around and my husband checked to see if the kitten was still alive. The kitten was breathing, but was quickly dying. The kitten looked to be about a half a year old. It was clean, and did not act ferrel, but it had no collar and no tags. So much husband took the kitten out of the middle of the road once he was able to get to the kitten because of traffic. He layed the kitten down on the grass at the side of the road. It was really heartbreaking.

My husband and I do not own cell phones, and we did not know of an animal hospital anywhere around. We could not take the kitten back to our apt because we did not know if the kitten had any diseases that could spread to our cats. So we went home where I immediately got the phone book and called the only 24 hour animal hospital in there. They were at least a half hour drive away, and she told me that the cat would be dead before we got to the hospital. She suggested we call an animal shelter. So I called, but none was open. Then, for lack of thinking of anything else to do, and feel desprit, I called 911. I told the operator, and she said she would call the emergency number to Noah's Ark...a shelter in Uniontown. She said she would have someone from Noah's Ark call me back.

Someone did call back. My husband told him where the kitten was.

I have heard nothing else since about the kitten.

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