15 January 2007

How would you feel if your were kidnapped from your home and forced to live in a cage?

Friday evening, my husband and I went to Rosspark shopping center. I loved window shopping in Ikea. Then my husband bought some stuff at Hobbytown USA. Afterwards, we saw a pet store that my husband wanted to see if they had Wellness brand cat food. Instead of Wellness brand catfood, they had caged animals...animals my heart really went out to. I saw dogs shivering, and I felt so helpless to save these poor souls from conditions I would not want to tolerate. I saw beautiful birds where one was plucking it's feathers out. I saw exotic saltwater fish & coral and wondered how many came from the oceans. I even said this out loud to my husband, not realizing an employee was listening, and he then just said *hi* to let me know he heard.

When we left the pet store, I felt so heart broken for the animals in there.

Warning...this is a link to a website that has a heartbreaking slideshow of wild animals that people have bought as pets

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