20 October 2006

We bought a Washing Machine and Dryer for our clothes

Wednesday, I got a recommendation from a guy in Pennsylvania Group Forum for an appliance store in Washington, PA. So I called. The guy I spoke with was really great and helpful. He informed me that he was out of my area, but he would look for someone in his buying co-op who was in our area. He phoned back and gave my the phone number. So I called the number he gave me and left a message.

My husband had just gotten back home and I received a call from a great guy at Voss appliances. After affirming he had clothes dryers, I asked where he was. I gave the phone to my husband to get directions. So we went to Voss appliances, where the salesman was really great. He agreed with my husband that Maytag & Whirlpool were better than GE Profiles as far as how well they were built.

We thought about buying the Whirlpool washer & dryer set from him, but I needed time alone with my husband and a chance to talk and get something to drink. So we went to Panera's at Century III where I ordered an iced decalf skimmed milk latte for myself and a diet rootbeer for my husband. We then ordered a baker's dozen of bagels to go, as well as 2 sourdough bread bowls.

I told my husband I would compromise as we could get a Whirlpool.

We decided that since Best Buy was right there, we would look at dryers there to compare, but we were both leaning towards Voss since we really liked that it was a family style business and we really liked the salesman. At Best Buy, my husband found the same washer and dryer set. The dryer alone was $50.00 cheaper at Best Buy. The salesman told me that if we bought the set, delivery would be free, which he later renigged on after he had rung it up. Delivery was $30, and he nagged us until my husband finally gave in to buying a new power cord for $20, even though the power cord we had was only a couple years old. Then the saleman nagged us several times about buying insurance on the washer and dryer for $200.00 that was good for only 4 years. I said "no" at least a half dozen times. The salesman was extremely unprofessional and extremely annoying. I liked the salesman at Voss much better.

I did not sleep well Wednesday night because I was upset about buying the washing machine and dryer at Best Buy, wondering if I should cancel the whole thing because of the salesman.

He was even so rude as to charge my card as a debit instead of a credit card like I asked him. If he had put it though as credit, I would have had protections from Visa, and a donation would have been made for breast cancer research. I am still upset over that.

Our washer and dryer are suppose to be delivered Monday. I should be happy about getting a new washer and dryer, but it just reminds me of the salesman we bought it from, and I get upset all over again. Lessoned learned: never buy a large appliance from Best Buy ever again.

Somehow I need to find out when Best Buy will be delivering, because I have an appointment in Connellsville on Monday morning.

Yesterday, John did not get much sleep because I did not sleep well, and actually got up at 4 a.m. because of that blasted salesman and regretting buying the washer & dryer from him, and the way the entire experience played out.

The salesman at Best Buy did not even work for the sale. The guy at Voss did all the work. Best Buy just had a better deal on the washer & dryer. The saleman at Best Buy, if anything, was trying to annoy us to talk us out of buying a washer & dryer there, though I doubt he realized it. It really annoys me when salesmen lie to me, don't listen to what we want, and are just outright rude. Thinking about it now after how we were treated at Best Buy, I would undo the sales there and go to Voss just because of the blasted service at Best Buy. I am still really upset over it.

So, like I said, my husband did not sleep well. And he was not feeling well to boot. So he called in sick yesterday and laid around in his sweatclothes, while I went to my appointment with my new doctor, Dr. Krafty. My appointment was at 11:15 a.m., but I finally saw her after 3 p.m. She was really great though. I have to get some tests done Monday, and if everything checks out, I start on a diet pill to help me lose weight. The risk is the pill could raise my blood pressure, so that will have to be checked every month.

The wait in the doctor's office was not bad though because others that were there waiting were really nice, and we all talked. One guy there was a Republican, where there were others there that didn't like Santorum. We discussed politics, but it was all civil and educational.

After the doctor's visit, I stopped at the post office in Star Juction and bought some postcard stamps as well as mailed 2 certified letters, a post card, and a letter. The post office there is about the size of a small bathroom, with just 2 employees working there...1 in front waiting on customers and 1 in the back sorting mail.

I got home around 4:30 p.m.

Poor John still was not feeling well. He had not eaten lunch. So for supper, he nuked some fried chicken that comes in a box. I asked him if he wanted anything with the chicken. That was all he ate.

I on the other hand had 1 chicken breast, Greek country olives, some feta cheese, and a pita bread.

John seemed to feel a little better today. He went to work.

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