24 October 2006

Election is in 14 days

Saturday, my husband drove me to Lasik Institute for an evaluation for lasik surgery on McKnight Rd., in northern Pittsburgh. It was the first time I remember being on McKnight road, and was impressed with all the malls on that road. Inside the Lasik Institute, the waiting room was immaculate, huge, and wonderfully designed with marble floors and cherrywood paneled walls. The receptionist there was very professional.

The evaluation did not go so well. I was told that in one eye, my astigmatism could not be completely fixed, and I was not a candidate for lasik, though I may be a candidate for PRK. The Lasik Institute do not accept any vision insurance, and PRK scares me, which makes contacts and glasses seem more appealing to me. My husband saw the positive side...with PRK, my one eye could be completely corrected, and my other eye could be better. It still scares me.

After Leaving McKnight Rd at around 4:30 p.m., we headed to Borders at South Hills Mall which my husband found on the internet. We had never been to South Hills before. I absolutely love Borders Book store there! Two large floors packet with books, magazines, newspapers from different countries, coffee shop...a wonderful reminder that life is amazing. We were in literature heaven. I found a spiritual magazine that I would have bought, but it was free (even better), and my husband found some books that we bought. By the time we left, it was dark outside. Before leaving South Hills, we found a Barnes & Noble book store that looked huge also, and we were drawn like moths to a flame.

Inside Barnes & Noble, on a table of new hardcover books, I noticed an autobiography of our current president, George W. Bush. So I picked up the book to see when it was written, and skim the book. To my amazement, the book was written while our president was in the White House. Now, how in the world does a reigning president of the United States have time to write and have published his autobiography? Then I remembered our Vice-President, Dick Cheney. More evidence of who is really running our country, and why Haliburton is making billions of dollars and has so much power in this war against Iraq, while many of our soldiers are living below the poverty line and more military brats are becoming "war orphans".

Our election is in 14 days. I am seriously concerned about this election. Not about how people will vote. What I am concerned about is the new electronic voting booths that have been proven can easily be hacked, and there is no paper trail. Polls say that most Americans want a change in leadership. If election day comes, and we have the same people running our government, it will not be because of the American people.

This image is from http://www.dkosopedia.com/wiki/U.S._Senate_election,_2006

According to dkosopedia.com:

Seats up for election:

  • Republican incumbents are red,
  • Democratic incumbents are blue,
  • open Republican seats are pink,
  • open Democratic seats are light blue,
  • and the open independent seat is yellow.
  • States without a seat up for reelection are gray.

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