18 October 2006

Buying a new clothes dryer

Yesterday, it all started when I got out of bed with a huge headache. That should have been warning enough to stay under the blankets.

I went downstairs to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer to find that the dryer did not work. No time to hold a funeral for ancient artifact, otherwise known as Whirlpool Cleantouch, I inherited from my mom. We needed a new dryer. So I phoned my husband that instead of watching NCIS tonight, he would be helping me shop for a new clothes dryer...and while we were at it, we needed to pick up some more cat litter.

My headache would not go away. So I thought I would work on the blog, changing the look, and worked to get it to upload faster, as well as get rid of the pop-up ads that came with some of the extras I had on the blog. Rusty decided he was going to help, and had some creative ideas of his own, which added a couple of extra hours reworking the code a few times, until I finally just let it be. Plus, I needed to look for dryers.

So I got on Consumer Reports and learned about the GE Profile DPSB620EC[WW] which is a CR Best Buy. They had Kenmore (Sears) Elite 6697[2] as a recommendation also, but my husband swore he would never shop at Sears again after dealing with a very rude salesman in the tool department.

So it was off to Uniontown to Lowe's and Home Depot to look for a new clothes dryer. Lowes was our first stop. We looked at all the dryers, but I did not see any GE Profiles. My husband liked Maytag because they had a better constitution and life span...at least that is what their reputation stated, and Consumer reports did back that theory up.

Next stop was Home Depot. They had GE profiles, but not the one I was looking for. So I tried to get help. Two employees looked right at me as I tried to get their attention for help, but they continued to just walked by. Oh well. It was back to Lowes then. We had looked back over all the dryers again armed with Consumer Reports print out. I was looking at the last, and most expensive, washer/dryer set when the manager of the department comes over to "tell" us what we wanted. It would have been nice if he actually listened. He was trying to sell us a washer when I told him we were looking for a dryer. He explained to me that dryers were basically the same, and we would want a dryer to match the washer would would be getting. So we walked out sadly without a dryer we really needed.

So today, we will probably be driving up to Century III to look for a dryer.

I also need to wash clothes, and probably hang them up in the bathroom, reschedule the car mantainance appointment that I had to cancel yesterday because I learned John had a doctor's appointment would interfere schedule wise, and the list goes on.

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