31 July 2006

Tarot reading a friend did for me

Howdy Hope your weekend is going well so far? We are getting hot again eh?

I am using the DruidCraft Tarot since none was requested

Asked the question. What's up with Helen's profession, family and purpose?

Pulled 3 cards and got.

Card 1) This is for your purpose

7 of Wands. Life has been nothing but an up-hill battle. Now on top of it all, you are still fighting. Now people seem jelious of the fact you made it. They are still out to crumble your every achevement. It is coming at you in all different directions. In the card we see a man he is traped on top of a tower. Below him are many people trying to get to him, so they can take what he has worked hard for. Looks to me that your purpose for right now is to fight against the obstacles that are challenging you. As you tackel each of these challenges your knowledge and your wisdom grow. Every problem thrown at you that you conqure has only made you stronger. That bother's most people, cause most of the people aound you seem to be weaker and feel everything should be handed to them. In short your fighting the challenges they give you, offend them... You may find it helpful to combine introspection with the energy and enthusiasm you could be feelings at present. What that all means is your purpose is to show the strength you possess to all other's so they know they also can fight their fight and win. A true leader for us under dogs

Card 2) This is your profession.

7 of cups. Here we see a very lax-a-daisy man sitting at a clear pool of water. One foot is in the water as to say the water is soothing, calming, but at the same time the meaning of the card is to much day dreaming will only get you to sleep. In most decks this card will show 7 cups filled with different meterials we think we may "need" in life. In this card 6 of the 7 cups are sumerged in the pool of water. The most lavished of cups sits near the foot he has in the water. Water is clensing, some use it to show the future. Place a bowl in the full moon light and let the imagination be your guide kinda thing. The place he is at is very secluded. As if it were his very own oassis. His day dreams of what could have been done or what should have been done, hinder his what now has to be done.

What all of this is saying to me for you is. Stop the dreaming. Only go for goals you know can be achieved. Not to worry about what other's may think of the work your doing isn't their cup of tea. They are not the ones drinking the tea now are they? You have many ideas as to what you should be doing, but they are all muddled with thoughts of what one's make everyone happy. Lets try to just make Helen happy for once They all will just have to accept that Helen don't play by their rules, cause Helen is a big girl and has made her own rules that have been going very good for her for a very long time now. Tell them to get over it, deal with it. OR leave you the heck alone.

With this card anything is possible. You have many talents. A jack of all trades. The world is literly waiting for you just to say, OK this is it. This is what i want to do. But at the present time. You place it on hold cause of the confusion that is all around you, conflicting your very thought of what your purposed job should be. You can not and will never be able to make everyone happy. So lets try and just make Helen happy.

Card 3) This is for your family.

The Chariot. The Major card represented by Cancer. In this deck we see a female warrior. She is the victorious Charioteer. Bold, daring, trustworthy. In most decks we'll see this card as a man trying hard to hold on tightly to the reins of his out of control horses. In this card we see a woman, in full control of the 2 opposite horses she has taken charge of. One light one dark representing our very own mind frams. We always seem to be the ones to look at things from both perspectives. One story of the Chariot is that he/she is the child born from the High Priestess (the reveler of all truths) and the Magician (the all knowing teacher of the elements and how to properly use them) So with this Chariot's 2 parents being so important to ones own needs. It can be said that this Charioteer is wise in thought. Has been taught to go on her own judgments/instincs, yet she is still very young and in the learning process.

The very first part of the meaning to this card being an outcome (as what it is in this reading) says. Successful Engagement With Life. If this card is to show as an outcome in relation to a problem or difficulity, then it is likely that you will find a successful resolution.

Still on the Chariot

The message of the Chariot is.

Maturity and wisdom come from courageously engageing the difficulties and challenges of life. The art of success lies in knowing when to surrender and when to take control.

What is really wild about this entire reading is ALL the cards are 7's. The number 7 in wiccan/pagan traditions is very important. Seven signifies mental perfection, healing, completion, music and attainment of high spirituality. Additionally, you are unique and eccentric.

Esoteric: 7s is faith - faith in the things that can't b seen, but nevertheless exists. 7 must know the ultimate truths, it is through experience that understanding develops and faith in the unknown is attained.

Mundane: Positive: Faith, observation, investigation, meditation, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, perfection
Negative: Fear, faithlessness, pessimism, skepticism, doubt, ignorance,e escapism

In a Reading: Many 7s indicate a period of introspection or solitude. They also indicate unlooked for advantages or gain.

Now all of this adds up to 21. 7+7+7=21 the 21st card of the tarot is the Universe/World. Means you are going to achieve. You'll conquer any and all challenges. You literlly have the world in your hands. A end of a cycle. And are embarking into great success and a sense of deep and satisfying fulfillment. A cycle has completed itself, and now there is an easing sense of completion.

2+1=3 The Empress. She is all about unconditional love. You are in a state of mind where you are feeling a bit incomplete due to the lacking in the child barring. This is commen, but the Empress is here to say that even if you never have the child physically from your body, doesn't mean you can not physically love another child. She asks we all learn from people like your self. A very open, honest and loving person of all people/beings. She has all the nurishments one needs to fulfill any and all life goals. Keep patient and all the fighting, confusion and lacking of success will all come into place, very soon.

There you go. I hope this made sense to you?

Peace and Love,

(my wonderful friend)

To see pictures of the tarot cards, you can check out this web site:

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