26 June 2006

Wasabi Junction

Wasabi Junction:
Driving through Maryland, we saw a wind farm, and I thought it was beautiful...like a piece of art on the countryside. They are much more pleasing to the eye than oil drilling sites in my opinion.
And while we are talking politics...
What is up with Santorum advertising on television that he is anti-illegal immigration when he is President Bush's "yes" man, and supports everything the president proposes. And the president is following in his father's footsteps wanting to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. We went through this same thing 2 decades ago. It failed then. And he wants to do it again? I called Santorum's office to object to illegal immigration, and Santorum's office told me that we need illegal immigrants for the economy. And now on commercials he is suddenly changing his tune? The commercial looks great, but since I had already brought up this issue with him before it was an election year, I know better than to believe his rhetoric.

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