08 June 2006


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A few nights ago, my husband and I watched ABC evening news and was upset by a report of an illegal immigrant getting a scholarship to a private elementary school, and then into Princeton University. You see, there are only so many scholarships and so many students accepted, which means another student who was here legally did not get that spot. How in the world did someone get into Princeton without a social security number? He had to have had help, and he had to have cheated the system, and he gets accolades and rewarded for breaking the law. What kind of message does this send to others? That they can come hear, break our laws and cheat our system? That is why I was glad to sign the petition my dad emailed me.

Here is the petition that I signed and that you are welcome to copy, paste, sign, and send yourself:

Please read very bottom of email:

Petition to Require citizenship to be eligible for social services in
the United States.

No amnesty and No free services for illegal immigrants.
Agree or Delete: Instructions to sign are at the bottom.

PETITION FOR PRES. BUSH , Gov. Swartzenagger and Congressman Dana
Rohrbacher (or any other representative you would like to send it to):

1. Mary Takami, Calif.
2. Connie Dodd. Calif.
3. Frank Beirau, Calif.
4. Barbara Murray, Calif.
5. Dody Farha, Okla.
6, Woody Farho, Okla
7. Donna Capatosto, CA
8. Larry Capatosto, CA
9. Ryan Capatosto, CA
10. Samantha Capatosto, CA
11. Nancy Brown, Torrance, CA
12. Daniel Brown, Torrance, CA
13. Tamara Clark, Torrance, CA
14. Darrin Clark, Torrance, CA
15. J. L. Thome, Torrance, CA
16. J. E. Thome, torrance, CA
17. Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach, CA
18. Howard Thrall, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
19. Jim Lehman The Dalles, OR
21. Ed Melone Phoenix AZ
22 Laetitia Borden Phoenix AZ
23 bob reid, mesa az
24 janet reid, mesa az
25 kaley reid, mesa az
26 antonio reid, mesa az
27. Spike Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
28. Wendy Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
29. Gary Gardner . Phx. , Az.
30. Joyce Frontcakas, Gulfport, FL.
31. Mary Kelley, Kirtland, NM
32. Ty Kelley, Kirtland, NM
33. Karma Harper, Ok.
34. Karma Harper, Ok
35. Rosaleen Myers, TX
36. W. L. Myers, T
37. Lila Day, SD
38. John Zeno Oh
39. Richard Cambier, Lyndhurst, Ohio
40. Joe Moelter NV
41. Joan Moelter NV
42. Jerry Kaston MN
43. Audrey Mahr MN
44. Sue Mahr, MN
45. Kim Halde, MN
46 tim halde
47. Troy Smith
48. AmyJo Hunt
49. Heather Harris, MN
50. Clifford Johnson, MN
51. Robert Johnson, CA
52. Ronald Stevens, Ca
53. Sandra Stevens, Ca
54. Don Green, Ca.
55. Paul Nichols, Ca
56. Charles Purdon, ca
57. Alan Schuwendt, CA
58. Raymond Cartier, FL.
59. Paul Auger, FL
60. Evelyn Auger, FL
61 .Doris Kelley,Fl.
62. Elmer Kelley, Fl.
63 anita Wolski
64 Alfred Wolski
65 Lisa Wolski
66 G Grubb
67 B Klaus
68 L Caputa
69 Pat Lammert, MO
70 Teresa Hamilton, MO
71 Lillian M. Moleski, MO
72. Paula Harriss, MO
73. Tom Philipps,MO
74. Sue Raufer-MO
75. Gussie Freese.MO
76. Everett Moore - AZ
77. Marilyn Moore - AZ
78, Betty A. Wills---Tx.
79. Dee Kendall TX
80. Bill Kendall TX
81. Betty Cooper TX
82. Dale Cooper TX
83. Kandis Venglar TX
84. J. Williams, TX
85. D Henderson Tx
86. E Franklin TX
87. L Franklin Tx
88. C Lewis Tx
89. J. Kingston TX
90. K Modawell
91 J Modawell
92 Wes Modawell
93 Katrina Modawell
94 Lois Modawell
95 Idos Modawell
96 J Knott TX
97 DFikes TX
99 Sandra Davis, TX
100 Chuck Messer Tx.
101 Carl Mittelstadt, FL
102 Bonnie Mittelstadt, FL
103 Richard Rozic, FL
104 Gela Rozic, FL
105 Mike Null, MO
106 Earl Count, MI
107 Helen Irene Count-Wayt, PA

If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these
names. If you do not want to sign it, please forward it to everyone
you know.

Thank you!!!

To add your name, click on "forward". You will be able to add your name at
the bottom of the list and then forward it to your friends.



Gov. Arnold Swartzenagger, and Congressman Dana Rohrbacher,

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