29 May 2006

U.S.C.G. "Courier"

My dad was stationed on the U.S.C.G. "Courier" when he met my mom & married her. He was aboard ship at sea when he got the radio call that my mom had given birth to a baby girl (I was born on a U.S.A.F. base in Libya, Tripoli).

The 'Voice of America' vessel U.S.C.G. "Courier" is seen in Pedro Miguel locks, on April 6th 1952, during a southbound transit. Her role would be to act as a mobile radio relay station for broadcasting the Voice of America. The winch line seen exiting skyward, led to the Couriers Helium filled barrage balloon, used to carry her broadcast band antenna aloft. Her maiden transit on the way to Korea was short lived as, she would be rerouted in a matter of weeks to spend the next 12 years stationed off Rhodes in Greece. Eventually replaced by a shore based station, the Courier then rejoined the Coast guard as a reserve training ship.

My mom was raised on Rhodes, Greece. I was conceived there; and my parents were married on that island of Colossus.

There is a reunion site for the "Courier" at http://www.fredsplace.org/reunion/cutter/0820.shtml which gives me a lot of insight of what it must have been like. And here are some more pictures of the Courier at http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g-cp/history/WEBCUTTERS/Courier_WAGR410_Photos.html

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