14 May 2006

Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

I live in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania. Today I am blogging about this town.

Here are some facts:

Perryopolis is a borough in Fayette County, in the Pittsburgh metro area. The community is in the Eastern Standard time zone.The latitude of Perryopolis is 40.086N. The longitude is -79.75W.The estimated population, in 2003, was 1,737.

Please click here to see the population census of 2000

Please click here to see about housing in Perryopolis in 2000 census


Median rent ($) is $278 .

Median rent asked for vacant units ($) is $322.

And this is with 40/188 including utilities. That is more than 1 out of every 5 rentals that include rent at $278 a month.

We did not know any of this when we moved here a couple years ago.

We rent the upstairs apartment of a duplex for $550 a month, plus, we have to pay all utilities, plus share in lawn care, plus pay for filters and such. The only thing we do not pay for is property tax.

Plus, our apartment did not come with any appliances either. We had to go out and buy an electric range & oven so we could cook Thanksgiving dinner since our apartment was not set up to accept a gas range an oven which my mom offered us.

We just learned last week that we have also been paying for some of the utilities of out downstairs neighbor. I noticed a spike in electricity and water in September when we had a drought, and the downstairs neighbor was working on his garden. And I have noticed when taking a shower, if the downstairs is using the water, my pressure will drop. So I asked my landlord whose meter (which by the way, we can not see. We found out after we moved in that both water meters are under our downstairs neighbor's sink according to our landlord. We have never seen our water meter. I did call the water company to make sure that there were 2 meters, and found out from the water company that there was an inquiry about the water from the former upstairs tenant who lived her before we moved in.) the outside faucets were hooked up to. Our landlord told me that the front faucet belonged to our downstairs neighbor, and the back faucet belonged to us. So I went looking for the back faucet and could not find it. When my husband came home from work, he went to make sure our neighbor's hoses were no longer hooked to our faucet to find that our downstairs neighbor, with our landlord's permission (the downstairs neighbor provided the labor while our landlord paid for the materials) had build an enclosed porch which enclosed our faucet, so only he can get to it. So my husband went to talk to the landlord who told my husband to just ask the downstairs neighbor not to use that faucet. So my husband did just that to learn that the downstairs neighbor already knew that the faucet was hooked to our meter, and was still using the water anyways, like he did not care.

To me, this is very infuriating. I am extremely stressed out and so furious that I have a huge stress headache.

It is bad enough we have to deal with the cigarette smoke coming from downstairs that makes us sick. Now to deal with the downstairs stealing utilities from us really puts it over the top. I am so fed up.

When we moved here, we did not have a mailbox. I had to call Washington D.C. to get that taken care of so we could get our mail delivered. And now this.

consider this a warning for anyone else looking for a place to rent so you do not go through what we are going through.

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