10 May 2006

My reply to a comment by Kevin Chavis over my blog "We are heading for a war on our own soil

Kevin Chavis has left a new comment on your post "We are heading for a war on our own soil":

I do not think we are heading for a civil war just yet. Wait for oil prices to skyrocket and the economy to falter before that occurs ( wars happen frequently during economic downturns). But your one-sided view is rather disturbing. Maybe you should take a more comprehensive look at the problem?

There are usually multiple related issues in regards to one large one. Ask yourself, why do people come to our country outside of the legal process? Because our government does not have a system in place to document and identify everyone coming into our border to work. A solution to that would be a migrant worker identification program, and would add to our safety ensuring none are terrorists.

We could continue having migrant workers illegal, thereby ensuring they come over here illegally. The reason their work has not been legalized is due to Americans resistant to the idea of a migrant worker program and hoping ( in vain ) that illegal immigrants disappear.

The next question to ask is, WHY are all these illegal immigrants coming here? Simple: jobs. In Mexico alone, 1 million men come of working age each year - yet only 500,000 jobs are created. This gap of 500,000 jobs creates a giant unemployment pool, who have no choice but find work elsewhere. Also, wages in Mexico have remained stagnant since NAFTA was enacted.

What are some solutions to Mexico's unemployment woes? Well, family planning couldn't hurt. Mexico is a Catholic nation believing as Monty Python eloquently put it "every sperm is sacred." This creates millions more children than if families had access to contraception. Overpopulation in Mexico is not only hurting their unemployment rate, it is literally spilling into the U.S.

Is America the only nation fighting illegal immigration in North America? Nope. In fact, Costa Rica's government just passed some harsh laws against employers of illegal immigrants. Nicaraguans have been moving into this economically vibrant nation for decades, but the vast droves of the past few years have made Ticos upset. (There are no career politicians in Costa Rica, so the government is more responsive to the citizenry)

Before you call for a civil war and blame Hispanics for leaving nations they would rather stay in - try finding a solution. The blame game garners no solution, and empowers ignorance.

First of all, I would like to say, I am not, and I repeat not, calling for a civil war. I do not want a civil war. As a matter of fact, I do not want any war. Yet, I know history, I live in the U.S., and I can see what is going on. So I am just putting down my feelings and what I see.

I was around when Bush Sr. gave mass citizenship to illegal aliens. All this managed to do was make illegal immigration worse as word spread that if illegals stayed in our country long enough, they would be granted citizenship.

But not all illegals.

I do not see this as fair. Haitians are sent back after navigating treacherous waters in small boats.

And we have a lot of citizens in the U.S. on welfare who are more than capable of working. I think, in exchange for welfare, these people who are able to work should either be going to school or working. Yet many employers prefer to hire illegal immigrants for several reasons:
  • Employers to can pay illegal immigrants below minimum wage and get away with it.
  • Employers do not have to worry about an illegal immigrant reporting any illegal activity the employer may be involved in.
  • Employers can pay an illegal immigrant "under the table" so the employer does not have to pay social security, Medicare, federal taxes, state taxes, city taxes, health benefits (separate from Medicare), or any other taxes or benefits.
  • Employers do not have to pay illegal immigrants overtime pay.

And the fact is, thousands of illegal immigrants come into our country every day. It is no secret that the Mexican military also comes into our country on a regular basis. Why?

We also get a lot of drugs from South America brought into our country. Since this drug money brings in a lot of money for the countries that produce them, why should they stop? These drugs are killing Americans. The people who are growing them and bringing them to the U.S. are not using these drugs. The Coast Guard can only do so much. They have stopped a lot of drugs from coming in, but this huge open door policy we have with Mexico is making the Coast Guard's job much more difficult.

I remember when I lived in Michigan, one of my best friend's entire family used to go and pick berries before school started every year to have money for school clothes. This was a family that was not only legally here, they were born and raised in the United States.

I had friends and co-workers in Texas who told me about how during harvest season, the students would be allowed out of school to harvest the fields. And these were also people who were born and raised in the United States.

We have people in our country more than happy to go out and pick crops, and these people are already here legally.

And I am not afraid of the price of food going up if we crack down on illegal immigration, simply because the majority of the cost of food is from "the middle man". Stores and manufacturers usually jack up the price to make more of a profit.

What I propose? I think there should be a safe place people should be able to have their children and elderly parents cared for while they are at work, that can come from tax money (this money could be the money that is now going to them for welfare)...and these people who are on welfare &/or who are able to work should be forced to either attend school or work. And if they can do nothing else, they can tend these farms that some people are saying we need migrant illegal immigrants to tend. We would be solving an unemployment problem, a welfare problem, and a child care problem all at the same time if we did this. And we would be installing pride in people who are not working right now.

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