01 May 2006

I will be watching which companies support illegal immigration

I got this poster from Diverity Inc which states it is for diversity and "anti-racism". I still object to the word "racism" because we are all the same "race". It is called "Homo sapien". I know this is arguable to some as there are women who are convinced that "Homo Neanderthalis" are not extinct, and insist they have dated some. Personally, I think these "dates" have evolved, but they just choose to listen to their Id instead of their Super-ego.

This morning as I was getting dressed, I had the TV on the ABC channel. Good Morning America came on and talked about the boycott planned for today. Goya announced it would be one of the companies closing down to support illegal immigration. So I am now boycotting all Goya products.

The news report also spoke to some truckers who will be parking with goods in their trucks. It would not bother me if the truckers just chose not to work, but that they will be essentially hijacking goods that could go bad does bother me, and I think that if they work for a company, they should be fired. And if they are independent truckers, I think that business should avoid hiring them for any more jobs. That simple.

The news also spoke of a chicken company that was closing in support of the boycott. I am not sure of which company is shutting down, so until I know for sure, I will be boycotting all chicken that may be involved in supporting illegal immigration. It probably means I will be looking for Amish chicken since I know the Amish are not involved in this support of illegal immigration.

To many Americans, this May 1st protest is not about rights for immigrant workers. It is an invasion and overtaking of our country, which has convinced many Americans, who would not have thought twice about it before, to join The Minutemen.

I know the reason our government allows this is because we get a lot of our oil from Venezuela. The oil we drill in Alaska, we sell to Japan because the oil companies make more of a profit that way. We buy it for less than we sell ours for, so therefore, it is about profit for big business. After all, isn't capitalism the American way? So the oil companies are neither punished nor faulted by the government for employing this despicable practice.

Now, today is my sister's birthday. I am sending her a birthday wish and hope she can celebrate despite some places shutting down to support illegal immigration.

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