28 May 2006

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful day!  This morning at 7, John went fishing.  Then at 10, I went for a walk stopping and checking out 3 yard sales (or moving sales).  I was only out for a couple hours wearing white overall shorts, a white and pink striped short sleeved light knit, hiking sandals and my hair up in a pony tail.  Yet, I am sweltering.  

For breakfast, I had a Diet Lipton Green tea with citrus, and now for lunch, I just downed a Diet Lipton Green tea with citrus.  One of the advantages of hot weather is it kills the appetite.  Even with the cats, at noon I cleaned out their bowls and gave them fresh food and water, and none of them ate.

I hear John getting home from his fishing trip.  Five and a half hours of fishing, he has done longer.  

It is time now to enjoy the sun.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

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