09 April 2006

Happy Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday to everyone that celebrates Latin Easter.

Usually on holidays, I talk about that specific holiday. Not today. I have been hearing on the news, commentators tell how Americans think and feel. So I want to tell you how a voting American feels first hand...

I have been watching demonstrations in our country of illegal undocumented aliens protesting a bill in Congress to keep illegal aliens out of our country. Notice, I use the term "illegal". It is because they are illegally in our country, which is a slap in the face to every person who came into this country legally. Yet it seems many of them have more rights than we do. I remember when I lived in Texas and worked as a nurses aide in a nursing home, two of the janitors were speaking in Spanish. One of them said something to me in Spanish. I told her that I did not understand Spanish. Her reply was that I should have to learn Spanish because they had to learn English.

Another example is when I tried to leave my abusive ex-husband. I called women's shelters and was told they had to save the beds for women who really needed them: women with children and Hispanics. She honestly told me that because I was not Hispanic, they could not help me leave my ex-husband who was a rapist. And this was an agency that received government money.

Our president has proclaimed that we are in a war on terror. So why are we allowing illegal aliens into our country? Would we be allowing illegal undocumented aliens to protest if they were Haitian? If they Iranian? If they were Iraqi? No. We would probably have them arrested as terrorists. So why is special treatment being given to Mexicans who illegally enter our country?

The answer is simple. Our president is taking a page out of Lincoln's playbook. During the Civil War, Lincoln encouraged Irish to immigrate to the United States because Abe needed soldiers to fight for the Union cause. During the Civil War, French and English supported the South, and at that time, Irish and English were enemies. So who better at that time to recruit into the Union army than the Irish? The plan worked. The Confederates surrendered. Interesting that our president comes from one of those Confederate states. And his state is the only one in the Union that not only pledges allegiance to the country, but to the state itself. Texas is also the only state in the Union where the state flag can fly equal to the American flag. So is allowing illegal immigrants good for the country, or is it good for the wealthy in Texas who do not want to pay the taxes, social security, medical insurance that does with hiring legal workers?

Now, our president has waged war against Iraq, and had declared his intentions of waging an attack on Iran, yet, most Americans do not support the war. Military enlistment has decreased. So where will our president find recruits for his wars? Mexico. Simply promise citizenship to any Mexican illegal immigrant who enters the United States. Then the president can wage his wars as he pleases with fresh supplies of bodies. Considering that Mexico is a Catholic country whose religion does not condone birth control, there is no telling how long our president can play John Wayne.

This morning on CBS morning news, I listened to a Democrat Congressman from California state that workers in Mexico make in one day what minimum wage is here in the United States. I have been to Mexico. I remember paying some guy who came by our table while we were eating $5.00 for a polaroid back in the late '80's, which is the same price I would pay back in the United States at a theme park. Then the Congressman went on to say that here in the U.S., the rate of unemployment for an illegal immigrant is lower than it is for an American. Then he had the audacity to say that it is because illegal immigrants work harder than Americans do. Very interesting. I lived in Texas when Bush Sr. passed the law that allowed illegal immigrants automatic citizenship back in the late '80's. I worked selling men's clothing and stocking shelves for minimum wage along with other minimum wage jobs to make ends meet, while my neighbor who was from Mexico and married to an illegal alien, got social security because she claimed her husband left her with 5 kids and she was pregnant. After she got social security to give her money, she went and had an abortion because she did not want any more kids, but she did not tell social security that. And as for her husband leaving her, he left on a shrimp boat to make $1000.00 a week "under the table", which means he paid no taxes or social security. He came home with a wad of cash, plus the government was giving them social security money also. All the while, I worked my butt off for $3.65 an hour and paying taxes on it. Tax money that was going to someone who was bringing home more money a week than I was, and all they had to do was lie to the government to give them more money so they could take it all back to Mexico and live a wealthy lifestyle.

We can do something about this though. This is an election year. How our politicians handle this issue will greatly influence who I will vote for. Illegal "undocumented" workers cannot legally vote in this country. So any politician, whether Republican or Democrat, will definitely lose my vote if they turn their backs on us and give their allegiance to Mexico like our president seems to have done.

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