16 March 2006


Here is a beautiful poem I read today that reminds me...things could be worse:

People walk by me without looking,
thinking my mind is gone.
True my brain is shutting down,
can't talk right,
forgetful at times,
memory short
sometimes gone.

I am like a child
or even an infant
or so it is now.

No so long ago
I was just like you,
walking by those like me now
thinking that their is nothing there,
only remains of what was once human,
a being capable of thought.

I am still me
I am inside
my mind works my brain doesn't

I want to speak but can't,
I sometimes know what I want
but I can't get it out,
I babble,
it hurts when others think I am no more,
when I am inside
looking out.

My brain is a prison of my mind
my soul is alive
wanting to be free

Soon I will be released
free to fly away and be free
to be
to love
and communicate
with those around me
and with God.

Don't be like me
passing by
those trapped within.

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