11 February 2006

Thinking For Ourselves

I have noticed in this country that we are conditioned to accept any kind of authority, even when we know they are wrong. We see this in doctors offices, in schools, in government.

Lets start with schools. There are more students in many classes than teachers can handle, so teachers (some, not all) try to get active students on mind altering drugs to the students more pliable. This scares me. When I was tutoring, I saw this done, when all the student really needed was attention, not drugs. She acted up to get attention, and she was intelligent, but because she acted up, she was labeled as learning disabled. In less than a year, I got this 11 year old from a 2nd grade level to a 5th grade level. All it took was discipline and attention. She knew with the label of "learning disabled", she did not have to try. It is such a shame that our country plays "Brave New World" with these children.

With some doctors, it is like that also. I have noticed that some doctors will have no clue what is wrong, but will experiment with medicines. When you tell them the medicines do not work and actually make you worse, they reply that you need to give it more time than a week. I know when I broke my nose (I heard it crack and pulled out the piece of cartilage and bone), yet, recently when I told an ENT, she replied that my nose was not broken. So I asked her what I pulled out then. She said she did not know. Am I such an idiot that I do not know what bone and cartilage look like? Give me a break (figuratively speaking). I have been diagnosed with deviated septum before by another doctor, but nothing was done for it. I just wish doctors would learn to listen to patients and not assume patients are idiots. After all, we have been living with our bodies our entire lives. It is time doctors and patients were honest and open with information instead of allowing egos to get in the way.

As for politicians, we know that fracturing the truth is part of the job description, but does it really need to be a compound fracture? We are not cattle despite what many politicians believe. It is ok to ask questions. It is ok to question government. That is our job as responsible citizens. Being told that questioning our president is unpatriotic is a political ploy. Believing it is very immature. Time to grow up people and plug in our brains. It is ok to question authority.

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