12 February 2006

Scooter Libby testified that his higher-up (Vice President Dick Cheney) told him to leak classified information

The picture to the left is of Scooter Libby who works directly for our Vice President, Dick Cheney. According to Libby's testimony, it was his "higher up" who told him to leak the name of a CIA operative, which is definitely classified information and could cause the death of countless people let alone destroy countless careers. This administration has been playing chess using WWII as a model of moves to take. Only this time, it is the American people who are being check mated.

It is long past the time we put all the pieces together and see that our politics is destroying our country.

Homeland security is just more bureaucracy that is just sucking up money without actually doing anything productive. Homeland security is an oxymoron. The only way Homeland Security can secure our homeland is by disbanning.

I will also be watching who endorses the patriot act. Anyone who endorses it, I will definitely not be supporting with my vote.

I see all these World War II movies and I cannot help but notice the similarities between WWII and what is going on now.

  • In WWII, our government knew that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked before it was. We know have evidence (FBI testimony) that our government knew 9/11 would happen before it did.
  • In WWII, we went after Germany before going after Japan, even though it was Japan that bombed us. After 9/11, we went after Iraq before going after Bin Laden, even though it was Bin Laden who planned the 9/11 attack.
  • In WWII, the country came together to support its soldiers. After 9/11, anyone who did not support the war against terror was labeled as "unpatriotic".
  • In WWII, the people were asked to conserve for the war effort. The president is doing this now telling us that we are "addicted to oil" as oil companies make outlandish profits.
  • In WWII, prejudice developed towards Japanese. After 9/11, prejudice developed toward Muslims.

And lets not forget how our president likes to compare himself to Roosevelt. It is time the American people woke up from this paranoid stupor and realize that our ancestors did not fight so our freedoms could so easily be taken away by our government.

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