19 February 2006

A Saturday Shopping

A Saturday Shopping

Yesterday morning started with Ashley waking John up.  Ashley is our morning kitty.  She knows the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. (on weekdays).  Yesterday morning, the alarm did not go off, so Ashley, true to her nature, figured it was her job to get us up.  So she started by scratching John’s nose.  This was enough to wake him up, but not enough to get him out of bed, so she resorted to a tried and true method.  She proceeded to walk on my head to wake me up.  John saw this and was sweet enough to concede to Ashley to let me get a few more winks of dreamland.

I got up around 7:30 a.m.  It was so nice of my husband to let me have that extra time to just lay there. (  Once I was showered, I asked John what our plans where.  He said we needed to go to Sam’s Club.  Saturday is usually our shopping day.  So I asked him what the temperature outside was.  He said it was 18 degrees F.  So I wore my flannel lined jeans and burgundy sweater.  I then went downstairs to go outside when my husband saw me and asked me if I was going to wear a coat.  I wanted to see if I needed one before getting my coat.  It was not cold to me since I was wearing heavy clothing.  So I replied,”it is not cold.”  I did not stop to think that the temperature was dropping at a rapid rate.  It did think though that I would be in a store, and I did not want to carry a heavy coat around.

So we went to PetSmart first where we bought cat trays for the litter box, a tub of litter, litter bags, and some cleaning products.

John wanted to go to Michael’s craft store, but much to our dismay, the store was closed down and empty.

So we then drove to Sam’s Club.  When we went in, the temperature was still nice (at 18 degrees F).  First place we went was to buy new tires for the car since the misalignment really wrecked the tires.   We had just had the car aligned when I was rear ended on June 30th.  When I went to Bowser to get the estimate for insurance, they said insurance would not pay for alignment damage from a rear ending, so he did not include that.  So after only a few months, we had to pay for another alignment on the car.  But by that time, the tires were worn very unevenly.  So we had to get them replaced.  The Sam’s Club at Century III in Milton, Ohio changed the layout of the tire department, which really sucks.  The service is much worse now with this layout.  It really was much better before they made the changes.

When we got to the tire department, the girl in that department did not even acknowledge us.  She was waiting on this one couple.  So I waited.  Then I saw the girl grab her coat and go outside with the guy.  I still waited.  The girl came back, still not acknowledging anyone but the original couple she had been waiting on from the start.  I was pacing.  Another girl came and waited in line.  The sales girl was literally bent over on her desk holding her head in her hands just waiting for the first couple to make some kind of decision.  So I went to the service department and told a girl there that the girl in the tire department needs help and could she please call for help.  The service department girl told me that the only one that could call for help was the tire department girl.  But she said that I could stop this one guy for the tire department that was about to walk by without even stopping to help her because he thought she had it all under control.  She didn’t.  I told him so.  So I asked him if he could please help her.  Yes, it looked like it hurt her feelings, but this is not about her feelings.  She should have asked for help herself.  This was about her doing her job and asking for help when she could not handle it herself.  When he started helping her, he took care of 3 customers and had them out the door while she was still waiting on the original couple.  Then it was out turn, and I told her that I wanted him to wait on us since they were both done at the same time.  We ordered our Good Year tires and were told it would be an hour, so we went shopping.  

I went to the food court and ordered a cheese pizza and 2 soft drinks.   One was for John and I got the caffeine-free diet coke.  After eating the pizza slice, I saw a booth that was doing free cholesterol and blood pressure screenings.  So I had my blood pressure and cholesterol checked.  My blood pressure was 133/88.  My cholesterol was 237.  My pulse was 66.  Considering I had not fasted, I am happy with my cholesterol.  And considering the experience I recently had at the tire department, my blood pressure was not bad either.  Ok…I will definitely have to have my cholesterol checked again after fasting.

When we were done at Sam’s club, we went to put our goodies in the car and the bitter cold hit me like freight train.  The temperature definitely plummeted.  I froze just going from the store to the car.  Fortunately the car was parked fairly close to the exit of Sam’s club.  It sucks to have to admit my husband was right. (
After Sam’s Club, it was Target where I bought some nylons and some make-up for my job interview tomorrow.  My husband bought the DVD Outlaw Josie Wales which we watched this morning.  Why he bought the DVD I do not know since he has seen the movie so many times already that he has it memorized.  I cannot accuse him though of not knowing what he likes. (

John bought some rug at Home depot after that to work on the cat condo.  Ashley already let us know that she likes the rug, and she seems to know that it is for them.  How?  I have no clue.   John just said that he has a clue…we brought it into the house.

This morning, it was Rusty’s turn to wake us up.  Again, John let me sleep in a little while he took the cats in the living room and started his new DVD (I came in at the middle of the movie).

I am waiting for the day that Moocher figures out he has the power to get us out of bed.

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