17 February 2006

Lets talk about the shooting by Cheney

The President had the audacity to tell reporters that the American people do not care and that it is just the media perpetuating the story. I am not a journalist, and I am really ticked off over the way this was handled.

First of all, lets make this clear that I do support the 2nd amendment, and I do not believe this is a 2nd amendment issue. I think it is a political issue. I think the reason Cheney was cleared so easily was because of politics. The sheriff probably likes his job and with Homeland Security overseeing everything, the sheriff needs the Vice President on his side. The Vice President has the power to make the sheriff's life miserable, and how nice would it be to have the Vice President owe you a favor. So it was politics.

Imagine if this same incident happened, but instead of of the shooter being Cheney, let's imagine it was a poor imigrant. And instead of the lawyer getting shot, lets imagine it was Cheney. Do you really think the poor imigrant would have gotten off as easily? Lets get real here people. And if the poor imigrant did not have a stamp to be hunting the birds, would this poor imigrant only have gotten off with a warning? My guess is that the poor imigrant would be in jail right now for attempted assassination.

Now, as Vice President of the United States, it is assumed he should be much more responsible and held to a higher standard than a poor imigrant.

Cheney screwed up severely.

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