28 February 2006

I miss my brain

Right now I am on prescription meds that I cannot stand.  My husband does not like the side affects, and the meds do not seem to be helping me at all...just making me worse.  I called me neurologist, and was told that the meds take 6 weeks to adjust to.  I feel more brain dead than normal though.
Yesterday during my memory test, I was asked to name the Continents, and I named Middle East as a continent.  I have no idea why.  We all know the Middle East is part of Asia.
I was asked to name the 3 types of blood vessels and I said aortic thinking types of heart valves, instead of capillaries, veins, arteries.
I really miss my brain.
On these meds, I think far too slow.  I am used to thinking faster than I can talk or type, but that is not the case with these meds.
According to my husband, they make my mood worse also.  I miss my brain.
The doctor has me on Topamax and Cymbalta.  I really hate the affects.
I see my neurologist in June.
I really hate these prescription drugs.  They are suppose to be for my headaches, but they seem to make them worse.
I miss my brain.  I miss my intelligence.  The meds have me feeling like a tired braindead robot.

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