03 February 2006

I am married to the greatest man in the world

Yesterday, he was so sweet and did not flinch when I asked him to buy me feminine napkins. He actually brought me home 2 huge packs saying he did not know which kind I wanted. He also bought me foods he does not eat, like fat free Greek yogurt, lots of fruit, and he bought organic low fat vegetarian burritos. For dinner last night, instead of regular burgers, he made Turkey burgers which are lower in fat. They turned out really delicious. Of course we prepared our sandwiches different ways. Mine just had ketchup and mustard while he piled his with sweet pickle, 2 slices American cheese, onion, mayonnaise.

Today is the second day of taking the medicine Dr. Soso prescribed, and it is not working yet. This morning, I soaked my neck under running hot shower which seemed to help some. But my sore throat is back and so is my headache. And I just took the medicine about 3 hours ago.

I have to keep going though because life goes on.

I was watching a video of the Steelers on the computer while eating my fruit yogurt for breakfast when Hines Ward started doing his interview. Moocher let out a Meow and jumped up onto the desk to check out the computer. He checked out Hines Ward (the image), then checked out my fruit yogurt, then jumped back down. I think we have a football kitty in our midst.

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