02 February 2006

Good morning world

First of all, I would like send huge kudos out to Governor Joe Manchin III for closing down the mines in West Virginia until they are inspected for safety. This took a lot of courage on the part of the governor since a large part of the state is financially dependent on the coal industry, and the industry knew it, figuring they could do whatever they wanted at the lives of West Virginianers.

I am so proud of Governor Joe Manchin III for doing what is best for the state. Thank you Governor Manchin!!!

Now hopefully, the federal government will learn something and get their act together putting human lives before monetary profit.

Talking about profit, don't you love the way President Bush is sidestepping the issue of oil companies price gouging (remembering President Bush is an oil man himself) the American people by stating Americans are addicted to oil? Americans are not addicted...we are dependent. There is a huge difference. And if oil companies did not buy patients to other technologies of fuel sources, we would not be so dependent on oil. Yet every time a new source of fuel comes out, the oil companies are in Washington D.C. lobbying for their cause. And who benefits from this? The president, the Senate, the Congress, which all happen to be Republican controled. You figure it out. It is double talk casting the blame on us which really belongs with them.

As for reducing our import on oil and also spreading democracy on the middle east...the president can not accomplish both. It has to be one or the other. The only influence we have is that we are consumers of their oil. If we quit buying their oil, we have no more influence. The middle east will not need us. So there would be no spread of democracy. Think about it. As consumers, we know we have power over companies by boycotting them. If we do not buy their product to begin with, the boycott does not work.

And notice how our gas prices are rising and at the same time oil companies are making outlandish profits? That is definite price gouging. There are suppose to be government agencies in place to protect us from this. But instead, our government blames their neglect claiming we are "addicted to oil". To be fair, our president, being an alcoholic, does know about addictions. And some people do sniff gasoline to get high. So maybe the president is speaking from experience when he states "Americans are addicted to oil". Just don't speak for all of us.

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