01 February 2006

Good Morning World

It is almost 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. I went with John to work so I could get the car so I could return my MRIs and also pick up my medicine from Kmart. Yesterday, I walked to the local drug store, but they would not give me the medicine because the medicine is for pain resulting from getting rear ended on 30 June 2005. And Perry Drug does not do car insurance any more according to the lady because they have gotten burned so many times. And she could not put it on my health insurance because the law states that the car insurance is what is responsible. So I continue to suffer. The people at Kmart were really nice though. Last night, they did not have either medicine in the strength I needed, so they have to call the warehouse. They are suppose to have the medicine this afternoon.

And to top it all off, I just received a phone call from Liberty Mutual, my car insurance. I faxed them the paperwork to change my car insurance from "limited tort" to "full tort", and she said that it did not have my husband's signature because he is the main person on the policy even though the policy is really in both our names and addressed to both of us. I honestly do not think they like that we are changing to "full tort". When it was time to renew the policy, I was going to do "full tort" and they talked me out of it again. After what I am dealing with now, I never want to go through this again, and I definitely never want my husband to have to ever experience this. When I got a bill from the hospital for the scans that were taken on the day of my accident, and the bill still is not paid, it was a definite wake up call. And then when I called my car insurance, and she said they are deciding if the bills are directly linked to the accident, and which bills to pay, I called and changed my insurance coverage to "full tort" that day. The sad thing is, the accident was no where near being my fault. I was stopped at a red light completely obeying the traffic laws when a work van rammed into me never even attempting to break (there were no skid marks at all on the ground). And it was June, so weather was not a factor either. Yet I am the one suffering. It really sucks!!!

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