13 February 2006

Another demonstration of Vice President Cheney's irresponsiblity

By now you probably heard that Vice President Cheney shot a person during one of his hunting trips at 5:30 Saturday evening. It took 24 hours for him to admit to it, and then only after the owner of the land reported it to the Corpus Christ internet news Caller.com

Now, my dad has been hunting all his life. He never shot a person while hunting game. My husband has been hunting all his life. He never shot a person. All responsible hunters (notice I use the term "responsible") make sure they have a clear shot and clearly identify the intended target before firing their weapon.

What if this was a kid playing instead of a grown man retrieving a bird? It is just plain irresponsible. And to use 24 hours to put a spin on the media...and to believe we are ignorant enough to fall for it...is a long shot. Responsible hunters should know better. As Vice President, he should be responsible and set a good example. He has obviously failed on both accounts.

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