30 January 2006

If you live in Pennsylvania, make sure you have full torte insurance

When I came to Pennsylvania and changed my insurance over, I let the insurance agent talk me into half torte. She basically said only people who like to sue get full torte. I learned the hard way that insurance companies do not like for people to get full torte so they do not have to cover as much. So today, I called my car insurance company and changed my car insurance to full torte. She was not happy about it. It will not do anything for getting rear ended at a stop light on June 30th, but it will protect us in the future.

I still have to decide if I am getting my neck operated on. I am getting a second opinion from the same neuro surgeon who treated the survivor of the mine in Morgantown, West Virginia at the end of February.

And then to top everything off, a woman from the doctor's office told me that she talked to my health insurance company, and there is a $400 deductible for each visit that comes from my own pocket + the 30% I have to pay until I reach a maximum of paying $3000 in deductibles. Then I just pay the percentage.

It makes it really hard to look for work.

I am tired of hurting. Fortunately, I have a really wonderful husband who has been really patient with me. I know it is not easy for him either.

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