29 January 2006

Has anyone else notice President Bush has been on television a LOT lately trying to improve his image?

I just saw him doing an interview on CBS Sunday morning news where he was comparing himself to President Clinton saying how much they had in common and calling former president Clinton his new brother. What a crock!!!

And then the president had the audacity to say that he is proud of our health care, and that our health care is really good. I imagine it is if you are in the 1% of the wealthiest individuals, or if you work in the White House or the Congress & Senate. For the rest of us, health care SUCKS in this country, plus, it is very expensive. Please let me explain why I used the term "sucks". First of all, deductibles have skyrocketed. Health care insurance is paying less. Then it takes forever to get in to see a doctor. And then when I get a referral to a doctor, I have to hope that doctor is taking new patients, or that doctor will accept my health insurance. I have to see an ENT which my insurance does not cover. I am expecting a huge bill from a hearing test that my insurance did not cover. Plus, there are 2 doctors I got referred to that does not take my health insurance. This does not even include the PCPs and Gynocologists I have been referred to that are not even taking new patients. I need to have back surgery, but I am afraid, not because of the surgery itself, but because of the cost and our health insurance. I was suppose to make an appointment with Dr. Hertle who operated on my lazy eyes. It took me half a year to pay him off when we had much better insurance. So I have not resceduled an appointment which I was suppose to do. And I was suppose to see a doctor over a year ago about my eyesight, but to be honest, I do not want to deal with the cost right now. Having another mammogram knowing there is at least one lump there is also being put off because I need to pay off the medical bills I am expecting first.

We are not poor by any stretch of the imagination. We are middle class people. Yet the way our health care is, how well our health care is depends on how much money we have. If we were poor, we could get medicare to pay for free health care, but we are not poor enough. If we were rich, money would not be an issue so we could pay for the best health care, but we are not rich enough. As middle class, we have neither advantage. The politicians do not care because they get the best health care in the country and they get it for free. So I guess for politicians, which the president is, health care is really good. Too bad he is too self absorbed to realize it is not that way for the entire country.

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