28 January 2006

Good morning world

I have been playing around with the design of my blog and "lost" the tagboard. I am very sorry about that. There are now comment sections for you though under each post.

Rusty is here playing with me and now checking out my green tea. Moocher is sleeping in the living room while Ashley is in the bedroom. Rusty absolutely loves his ears rubbed. He is such a sweetheart. Now, he got John to rub his ears. I am very fortunate to have John and the cats in my life.:-)

The main news here is the Steelers going to Detroit to play in Superbowl XL. I have seen the Seahawks play, and they are a good team. It will be a really tough match. The Seahawks have a great offense, and now their defense has really stepped up also. The are not as predictable as the Steelers. The Steelers are known for throwing in the first half and running in the second half. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Those 000000000000 0's are Rusty throwing in his 2 cents.

Back to my opinion about this matchup while Rusty bites my arm. The little guy wants to play. I think he is part herding dog. As a matter of fact, I am almost convinced of it. He likes to "fetch". He likes to sniff our food and if he likes it, he will steel it from us. He likes to kick a ball around. He likes to make sure he knows where everyone is. He likes to bite when we are not doing what he wants us to do. Now Rusty is with John.

Back to the Superbowl game...Steelers really need to shake things up and not defeat themselves. The Steelers are an emotional team, and I think Cowler will have his hands full keeping the emotions in check.

Still, I will be cheering for the Steelers on Superbowl Sunday.

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