27 January 2006

Good morning world

This morning, I watched CNN Morning Show. I am registered "no party" and am what is labeled a "moderate". I believe in Education & Health care which I agree with the Democrats about, while also believing in the 2nd Amendment, which I agree with the Republicans about. Yet, I am sure you have seen from this blog, I have really been turned off by the Republicans and so called "moderate" Democrats. I was impartial when first listening to Judge Alito's testimony, but when his wife left crying and the Republicans played on that, I was seriously turned off. If she could not handle it, she should not have been there. The more I saw and listened, the more turned off by him I was and by the Republican party.

And to think I almost joined the NRA. But since the NRA funds the Republican party, and seeing how the Republican party is destroying this country and covering for Presidental crimes, I am seriously siding with John Kerry right now and pray his fillibuster goes through.

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