30 January 2006

Ever wonder why we heard so much about Amy Carter when her father was in office, but not the twins from the current administration?

Could it be because the twins are so well behaved? Or could it be that our current administration writes his own rules?

Amazing how a man who controls all of our armed forces and our country...well...let's just say when I was growing up, there was a saying in the military "How can a man expect to control his men if he cannot control his own family?"

Bush kids doing dirty dancing

Asian News International
New York, January 28, 2006

Considered as 'wild and crazy,' gals Barbara and Jenna Bush, the Bush twins who are no stranger to scandal, have once again raised eyebrows, after being spotted doing an alchohol driven table dance at a D.C. Night club.

The First Twins have been reportedly seen dancing on tables at a boozy "Broken Resolutions"-themed soiree at D.C. hot spot Play on Thursday (26Jan06) night.

According to The New York Post quoting the Hill newspaper, the Grey Goose vodka-sponsored blowout featured "cigarette girls passing out smokes, chocolates and even condoms".

"There were fishnet-clad dancers, sporting handcuffs and police hats, gyrating on a pole," the paper further reports.

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