23 January 2006

013days 05hrs 33min 53sec left until Superbowl XL

Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers for winning AFC Championship!!!

John bought a new teeshirt yesterday and a terrible towel before the game yesterday. He was ready for the game against Denver in his Troymanian Devil tee while I wore the No Plummer Can Handle This Load tee. To be fair, this game was no wear near as heart pounding as the game against Indianapolis. It got so I was actually feeling sorry for Plummer. The Steelers started out scoring and continued the pace all the way through.

We got so far ahead that John actually fell asleep during the game, but he woke up in time for the 4th quarter.

John made chicken strips made with egg beaters instead of real eggs, and he used a grain instead of flour. Plus, he made one pan without oil. It was really sweet of him.:-)

Next stop for Pittsburgh Steelers is Detroit, Michigan. The news is already stating that hotels in Detroit and its suburbs are all ready booked, so finding a vacant room during the superbowl will be an extreme challenge.

ok...lets change subjects here...

I am getting really irritated hearing prejudice people like Oprah Winfrey state that everyone is prejudice. If they are prejudice, that is something they need to deal with. Fact is, humans are not born prejudice. Prejudice comes from being closed minded and closed hearted. It is easier for some people to generalize than to realize we are all wonderfully unique individuals.

No one woman is "every woman". No other woman can represent me, but me!!!

The sooner some people realize this, the sooner some people can stop encouraging prejudice.

Thank you.

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