09 December 2005

Perryopolis Post Master is in USPS Hall of Fame

This absolutely amazes me. The mail system here is completely messed up, and the Post Master is inducted into the Hall of Fame:


Dorothy B. Blaney
(June 29, 1921 – May 12, 1998) Pennsylvania

Blaney was a leading activist in promoting programs that encouraged young future philatelists. When the U.S. Postal Service started the Ben Franklin School Program in 1976, Blaney, postmaster of Perryopolis, Pa. from 1972 to 1984, became one of the most active postmasters in supporting the program. She personally started over 700 stamp clubs in Pittsburgh, Pa. area schools. She served as an advisor to the USPS on how to improve the program and how to inspire USPS personnel and teachers to get involved.

After her retirement, she became the educational director for AMERIPEX 86, World Stamp Expo 89, and World Columbian Stamp Expo 92. Blaney spoke at over 1,000 workshops for junior collectors, parents, teachers, and Postal Service colleagues. She served as chair of the APS Youth Activities Committee and was the author of Tips for Promoting Youth Philately. In 1995 she received the Ernest Kehr award for these many accomplishments.

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