12 November 2005

The White Ribbon Campaign

Please support White Ribbon Days (November 25th – Dec. 6th) by wearing a white ribbon.


The White Ribbon Campaign
The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) is the largest effort in the world of men working to end men's violence against women. Near the end of 1991, a handful of men in Ontario and Quebec, Canada decided there was a need to urge men to speak out against violence against women. Since then, the WRC has spread throughout the world, and we are now creating a chapter here in Charlottesville.

A white ribbon--worn originally to commemorate the massacre of 14 women at the Université de Montreal Engineering School--has become a symbol of men's opposition to men's violence against women.

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge never to commit, condone nor remain silent about violence against women.

Participation in the White Ribbon Campaign is open to any man who is opposed to violence against women. We welcome men from all walks of life, religions, and political affiliations regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic group or physical ability. To view the White Ribbon Campaign's home page, see: http://www.whiteribbon.ca

Personally, I ask both men and women to take this pledge and wear a white ribbon during the week of November 25th - December 6th.

Thank you so very much for participating.

~Helen Irene Count-Wayt

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