03 October 2005

Just another Moocher Monday

Poor Moocher is still not feeling well. Crushing his pills and using a syringe does not work on him. He moves his head at the last second and we get the medicine over us instead. So now we are trying to crush the pills and mix it with butter and put it on his paw to lick. Fact is, he is not a dumb cat and knows he can wipe the back of his paw on our clothes, which he has tried.

John & I are worried about the little guy because he does not keep food down. John is concerned that there is blockage. The vet tech called today, but she did not seem concerned. She just said to watch him. So tomorrow, I am calling their primary vet at the office and hopefully he will have some answers.

Today has been busy. Not only did I have Moo sick, but also John.

My day started out with our president announcing his chief deputy for Supreme Court justice. A woman with no experience on the bench whatsoever. It is weird, but John Roberts I believe was a good candidate for Supreme Court justice. I think president Bush dropped the ball with this nomination.

I usually wake up to channel 4 news because my husband believes they have the best weather report. I usually keep it there at least in the beginning of Good Morning America, but that show is getting very annoying as the reporters there sound more and more like corporate yes men instead of journalists. So that is when I am thankful for the remote control and usually jump around to find news until I finally settle on a music channel. Thankfully, there is the internet to get news.

Well, after Bush announced his candidate for Supreme Court justice, I went and made myself a cup of Italian cuppachino and brushed Ashley out. After Ashley, I brushed Rusty out. Moocher, instead of getting brushed out, spit out his medicine and took off running.

So then I vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets. Gave Moocher medicine again...this time the butter method. Then I took a nap as I was not feeling great myself. John woke me up at 8pm letting me know that I slept 4 hours. So I got up, watched Seventh Heaven, then washed dishes and made John some Chicken penne for supper. I drank some tea.

Rusty is crying now for me to come to bed, so I will say good night.

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