10 October 2005

Happy Columbus Day

Today is a federal holiday, but John still went into work, I was still able to reschedule an ENT appointment for John, garbage was picked up...so how is this a holiday? And it is curious to me how a holiday about the founding of our continent by Europe got to be so unimportant that only federal workers seem to even acknowledge it's existence.

If Columbus had never ventured into the Atlantic with a crew of convicts who were afraid of falling off the edge of the world, as it was believed by many at that time that the earth was flat, then the United States may not exist. Also, Columbus proved that the world was round instead of flat. That was a huge accomplishment, and the man should be revered in my opinion, just for his courage alone.

As I was writing this, Dr. Shroff's office called to say that John has a doctor's appointment at 8 a.m. for a check-up. I called John and let him know, leaving a message on his voice mail. John phoned back asking me to pick him up some cotton balls at the drug store. I am guessing he needs them to give himself his allergy shots tonight.

O.K., now on to more serious news...the earthquake in Pakistan. My heart really goes out to all the children affected by the earthquake. From what I heard on the news, many of the buildings were reinforced with steel, which makes excavating more difficult. The fact that there have been some survivors under all the rubble is a wonderful testiment to human endurance.

Seeing a school totally collapsed while school was in session was truly heart breaking.

I am so proud of Bush for sending help to Pakistan. Thank you. We must help these people all we can.

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