08 October 2005

Happy Columbus Day Weekend

For all Americans:

Happy Columbus Day Weekend

For all the Canadians:

Happy Thanksgiving Day Action de grace weekend

For all the Japanese:

Happy Health & Sports Day weekend

For all the Orthodox Christians:

Happy Ven Pelagia the Penitent day;
Happy VirMar Pelagia of Antioch day;
Happy Mar Ignatius of Bugaria day

Yet, it does not feel like any holiday at all.

Wednesday night, I came home from the store to find John incredibly upset because Moocher was still sick, and Moocher was trying to pick off dried cat food from a plate because he was obviously starving. It was incredibly heartbreaking.

So Thursday morning, I got up and drove John to work. Then I came back home and called the vet and got them to squeeze an appointment in with Dr. Croft at Loyalhannah vet clinic in Stahlstown. I then called Dr. Gouker's office to cancel my chiropractor appointment in Uniontown which was scheduled for 1:20 p.m. because I am unable to be two places at the same time, and Moocher's health took precedence.

As soon as Moocher saw me take out the carrier, he took off and hid in the back bedroom under the bed in the corner so I could not reach him. So I proceeded to take the bed apart. Next thing I knew, the little guy was hiding in a shelf in the dining room. I literally had to drag his stubborn body out by his front legs. I finally got him into the carrier.

Arming myself with a hard copy of directions from http://www.mapquest.com I drove the 40 miles to the vet's office. I kept the windows down so Moocher could have fresh air. Of course, the little guy was in a carrier which was seat buckled in.

The vet took 3 x-rays, a feline leukemia test, complete blood panel. We are still waiting for the results. To retrieve blood from Moocher, they had to shave a part of the front of his neck. It looks kind of funny, but the hair will grow back. The vet then patiently explained the x-rays to me. Moocher's liver is about half the size is should be. They then gave Moocher a cortisone shot which did wonders for the little guy. He is back to acting like himself again.

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