21 September 2005

Just another Manic Monday

Lets start with Monday:

I went with my husband to UPMC so he could learn to give himself allergy shots though I was still (and still am) sick. It was good to get some fresh air. First of all, we saw a new nurse there we have not seen before. She scowls the entire time, and in the back, we can hear the other nurse chewing someone out over the phone that she will pay for her granddaughter to get her nails done, but she (whoever she was talking to...sounded like it would be her daughter) would have to pay for her toes to be done.

My husband had to change into shorts for this lesson. Only, the nurse was very distracted about something. I could see it on her face. And then she got my husband's paperwork mixed up for billing, with my husband gentley asked her, "Are you sure that is mine?" Where she got defensive and replied "yes"...then she looked and said "oh" and fixed it.

She gave my husband his allergy shots in his arm. I said that I thought she was suppose to teach him to give himself shots in his legs. He just replied, well she didn't. So I went to the nurse and told her that he was suppose to learn to give himself shots in his legs. Her reply was that it was too late and he should have said something. Afterwards, she was nicer about it and said no one left her a note, so she made a note in the computer and promised tjat mext week he would learn to give himself shots.

This whole thing only took a half hour including the waiting period for reaction.

We did valet service which I knew was $6 for 2 hours. When I asked my husband how much he paid, and he said $6.75, I knew something was not right. The valet pulls up with some truck that that no one owned. After calling in to find the owner, he was told it was a mix up, and I knew that was why we paid $6.75...our car got mixed up with the truck. I am guessing she missed entered a number somewhere.

I guess you can chaulk it up to a Manic Monday, which is really unusual for UPMC. Usually, when we go there, people are very friendly and nice.

After UPMC, we stopped at JCPenney solon at Century III mall because my husband needed a hair cut. While there, I thought I would get my lip waxed. That was a huge mistake. Every time I go in, I get an appointment for my husband while he goes to the bathroom. The shop was basically empty except for a bunch of stylists gossiping. I told the receptionist that my husband has curly hair, and he needs someone who can cut curly hair. Every time, they say they can cut curly hair. They can't. Let me correct that...they can cut the hair, but unfortunately, you cannot paste it back on again. He wants a professional mens cut...something he can wear to the office. It always ends up looking like a homecut or worse. This time, it was worse.

As for the was job, she talked me into getting my eyebrows done also telling me that they needed to be cleaned up. I have one eyebrow that looks normal while the other one looks like it belongs on a Vulcan or Romulan. They are not balanced. And she did not wipe the wax off at all so my eyelids were sticking. So at the receptionist desk, I asked where the bathroom was so I could wash the was off, and she would not tell me. Instead, she got Lacy, the girl who did my wax (I paid her a $5 tip also...you would think she would at least be conciderate) to wash the wax off...Lacy asked me where the was was, got a rag and dampened it with water and asked me where she needed to wipe. It was nuts. So my husband told me where the bathroom was while he went looking for a new belt for work. Soap and water did not get all the wax off, but it would have to do until I got home. While in the bathroom, I saw how lopsided my eyebrows were. So I went back to the salon and asked to borrow tweezers to fix my eyebrows. The receptionist got Lacy again, where Lacy just verbally attacked me, and I did not go to the salon to argue with someone, so I left it at that, and my husband & I swore we would just never go back there. I have to go someplace else now to have my eyebrows fixed.

That night, my husband made me promise to make a doctors appointment first thing to get checked out.

I guess Monday transsended over to Turesday.

The doctor who is my PCP says they cannot see me until next month...and this is in Perryopolis...not like a busy town.

I called the 2 doctors that my infertility doctor referred me to. One of them is not taking new patients. the other one transferred. So I called the new number and the lady was nice, but because I would be a new patient, he would not be able to see me until October 7th at either Alleghany Hospital or Belleview. I have no idea where either place is. And the receptionist there was very nice. She did say I should see a doctor before October 7th though. So I held off on the appointment. I have no idea what to do. The argument in the U.S. is that we have a better health system because we do not have to wait to see a doctor. I would love to know where that is.

When I was in Greece, which is a socialist health care system, I was able to see a doctor right away and they saved my life when my appendix burst. Here, I think I would still be waiting for an appointment and die while waiting.

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