02 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Here I am sitting in a comfortable air conditioned duplex eatting cereal while hundred of thousands of people are homeless, sweltering, thirsty, starving and our government is more concerned with looting. One hospital was ready to triage sick people out of the area when our federal government pulled the plug. This is rediculous.

Prices of gas have gone from $2.69 to $3.19 in less than a day. Our government says it is because of Hurricane Katrina, yet it is very coincidental that as the price of gas went up, so did the stock prices of oil companies. This is definite price gouging. Yet our president says that anyone who price gouges will be punished. He said the same thing about the person who leaked the CIA name. By the way, what punishment did Rowe ever receive?

FEMA did an exercise just a month ago in case anything like Hurricane Katrina was to happen. Only a month ago. Yet, they are sitting on their butts now because they say the people are too violent. These people are in extreme heat living like savages without water, medicine, food and trying to keep their families alive, and the government is worried because some people are going to extremes just to get ice. This is nuts.

When Jeb Bush's state was in trouble last year, the president had trucks ready to help before the hurricane even hit.

Now, admittedly, the poorest state in the Union needs help, and where is our president? Just flying over. He refuses to land and talk to survivors like he did in 9/11. I guess because these are not his people as he stated in a luncheon of the rich that the rich were his people. Is it all about money?

And where is help from other countries? When something happens to other countries, we are the first to be asked for help, and we do help. Yet, when we need help, where is it? I would like to thank Venezuala for help. I heard they were donating fuel and some stuff. But I have no idea where it is going.

There are people here in Pennsylvania who have offered to take some of the victims of Hurricane Katrina in, but we are told that if the people are scattered, then it is harder to find them and give them assistance. And we are also told that the government is trying to quarantine disease, so they are just asking for money to the Red Cross.

So where is the Red Cross?

Last I knew, the Red Cross was run by former Republican Senator Bob Dole's wife, Elizabeth. Red Cross is great about getting the names of everyone they help, but then when the insurance steps in and pays the insured for damages, the Red Cross sends the people they helped a bill. I guess because most of these people are uninsured, the Red Cross is taking its time.

The Salvation Army is a great organization, but I know of one case where the Salvation Army was there and then the Red Cross came in and told the Salvation Army to leave, that they (the Red Cross) were taking over. When the Salvation Army was there, they were giving out free coffee. When Red Cross came in, they were charging people a nickle or a quarter for coffee. It is nuts.

I am so angry...we have Homeland Security to organize the different federal organizations in case of an emergency. Think about it...if they cannot handle Katrina, how in the world can they handle a real terrorist threat, which shows me that Homeland security is not there for the American people, but for the federal government to have more power.

I have never been as ashamed of our government as I am right now.

Can someone please explain to me how celebrities can get into the New Orleans, but our federal government cannot? We used to be one of the best countries in the world. Now, thanks to our government, we are closely approaching the level of African countries. And in the meantime, oil stocks soar. I am so ashamed.

We are told just to donate money to the Red Cross. What is the Red Cross doing? This is B.S.

There are lots of people who have offered to accept these people into our homes, to give them food, water, shelter, yet we are told that we cannot because our government wants to contain disease. Yet more people die senseless from lack of clean water, food, medicine. It is senseless.

There are people who have offered to take the animals in, yet we are told to donate money to the ASPCA, another government organization, instead.

People have offered to go down and help, but we are told that we need days of training by the Red Cross first. That renegade people going down to help will just hinder rescue efforts. WHAT rescue efforts? Give me a break!!!

Does anyone else find it interesting that on 9/11 and during Hurricane Katrina, our president was on vacation?

I think that the reason gas prices really rose so quickly during Hurricane Katrina was so oil companies could gain profit, and amazingly, our president is an oil man. And so people would not be able to afford to drive down to the Louisiana Purchase area to help the people in need there. Why is he letting these people die senselessly? Would it be any different if his daughters were victims of Hurricane Katrina? But they are not...they are safe with plenty of water, ice, food, everything they could need. This is just plain wrong.

This is even worse than 9/11. Please help.

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