30 September 2005

Good morning world

The long anticipated movie, Serenity, based a great show that lasted only 1 season 4 years ago is now opening today. Yay!!!

And tonight is Sci-Fi night. On the Sci-Fi channel, Firefly, the show Serenity is based on, comes on at 7 pm EST. It is a really great show in my opinion. The picture you see is of Serenity, the name of the Firefly class space vessel. The story takes place in the future when we have used up the earth and terraform other planets in the solar system to live on. The spoken language of the time is a combination of English and Chinese. I have linked the web site for the serenity movie onto this blog in case you would like further information & pictures.

Now, changing subjects.

Poor Moocher was not feeling well yesterday. His stomach was a little upset. Last night, he slept on the floor as close to John as he could get without actually getting on the bed. Rusty slept on the floor on my side, with is unusual for Rusty. Usually Rusty is in bed with us.

This morning though, Moocher was back to his normal self playing with my purse and rushing John to get ready and then meowing "please" which John taught him to do before going and opening a can of Fancy Feast grilled. No, they are not spoiled...they just understand who is in charge...them (as in the cats). John & I are just staff to wait on their every need.

Speaking of the cats, Ashley is here now right on time. It is exactly 8 a.m. The boys have gone back to sleep and she knows this is her time, so I will end this blog here for now.

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