02 August 2005


I struck a nerve.

My brother who, the last time I heard from was to borrow my car which he totalled, emailed me an email threat.

My sister also copied and pasted my blog to me telling me I was not allowed to write about this stuff any more.

These are both people I have not seen in years, and appearantly, I have learned that their memories are different from mine, and that I am suppose to discount my memories and go with their stories. That is not going to happen. So this is what I am going to do since I have learned there are so many lies about me floating around...I am going to start talking about my life and my memories. If you do not like it, don't read the blog. That simple.

By the way, my brother has never even reimbursed me even a penny for totalling my car, let alone the time he totalled my apartment. As a matter of fact, the last time we talked about him totalling my apartment (I let him borrow my apartment for a weekend while I went to visit my grandmother in Michigan...I was living in Cleveland, Ohio at the time...this was between March and July 1984) he laughed and thought it was funny that he did so much damage. At the time, when I got back from my grandmother's, I had a visit from each one of my neighbors to let me know about the party my brother threw and how some guy was trying to sing to Ozzy Ozborn's "Iron Man".

It was two & a half months before my eighth birthday when my sister was born. I am very impressed from her email that she sent me that she remembers this telling me that I never took care of her when she was a baby. Fact is, I used to change her diapers (we had cloth diapers then, and used safety pins to fasten them), and I used to have to rock my sister to sleep.

As my sister got older, my parents used to pay my sister a coin to report any information about me back to them. This is one of the ways they kept track of what was going on.

And of the pictures I have of my cousin's wedding, I took those pictures myself years ago. I think they are great pictures and very complimentary. If you do not like them, that is your opinion. The people who have been emailing me threats about the pictures and the previous post, I do not respect anyways, and your threats only encourage me.

Thanks for letting me know this blog is being read.

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