28 August 2005

Good morning world

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. John is at the lake fishing. I have been watching CBS Sunday morning news while drinking a latte.

On the news this morning, there were many interesting topics. My favorite though was of Eartha Kitt (or something like that). She is the "illegitimate" daughter of a plantation owner (her father..."white") and her mother was American Indian and African American. She talked about how no one could relate to her. I completely identified with her. She is 78 years old, and still very beautiful, intelligent, fiesty. I really like her. I remember when I was little looking at magazines where the beauty standard was anemic thin, blonde hair, blue eyes, no chest, and thinking that I was "ugly" as my brother used to call me. I had very thick dark brown hair, deep set hazel eyes (I was born with black hair and blue eyes, but they changed as I grew older) and I was not a fat child, but I was not petite either.

This was me at age 19, so you can see, I am definitely not petite, nor am I fat.

I do not look just like my mom nor do I look just like my dad...I am not a clone of either one. My personality does not fit into my family either. I have had friends and family members tell me that I do not fit into the family. It is hard...like not belonging. But when I see beautiful, successful, strong women like Eartha, it makes me very proud. Viva le difference.:-)

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