25 August 2005

Good morning world

It is 10:28 a.m. Thursday morning, and I am sitting here eating my breakfast of canned peaches, non-fat yogurt, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, and half a diet Coca-Cola.

Last night I went to bed at 11 p.m. after talking to John on the phone. He is coming home today. Yay! I then changed into my pajamas and watched tv in bed sleeping at the foot of the bed since I had the entire bed to myself and watched Iron Chef. It was a Carp battle. I was amazed they could do so much from Carp concidering here it is called "junk fish" because they eat the junk off the bottom of the lakes are not concidered good to eat. I did feel sorry for the Carp though since the Carp were still alive and did not exactly have a quick death. One of the chefs kept hitting the Carp in the head with the cleaver trying to knock the Carp out.

Last night was the first night in a while I was able to turn the air conditioner off and actually sleep with the windows open. It was so nice. I love that Autumn is coming! Yay! Soon the leaves will start to change and everything will be beautifully colored in golds, oranges, reds. I have also noticed that people are out walking and riding their bikes now that the weather is cooler. I love Autumn!

Autumn also means hunting season. I feel for the does and fawns dead on the highway because they cannot get over the truck barriers and get hit by a car. The truck barriers are hazardous. Yet they put them up so trucks to not cross the barrier and hit oncoming traffic. To me, that is nuts. Trucks should not run into oncoming traffic in the first place, and the put up these barriers to me is very irresponsible. The Department of Highways here in Pennsylvania seriously needs to put someone in charge with common sense or at least some intelligence instead of just political connections.

This morning, Rusty was the first to wake me up crying and then standing on me and biting me. Unfortunately, he was the last to get breakfast. I went to the kitchen and cleaned out their bowls. Gave them fresh water and cat food, and sure enough,
Moocher was the first to the food. Then
Ashley was right behind Moocher.
Ashley is really great about leaping onto the refrigerater and then on top of the cabinets. The boys cannot accomplish this feat yet. While John was on vacation, he cleaned the dining room and built a shelf there to store stuff like sodas. Ashley has made this her new gymnasium. Poor Moocher watches her, but he is unable to jump as high as she can, and cannot make it to the shelves. So this morning, Ashley jumped up to the 3rd shelf while Moocher just watched, and then pounced the little guy. After that, while I was washing dishes, I noticed Moocher just studying the shelf trying to figure out how to get up it.

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