29 August 2005

Good morning world

I just noticed that this will be my 200th post. Pretty cool.

Yesterday, John caught 10 fish at the lake. Of course he released them alive back into the water. Mom called after John got back. She loves to eat fish, and does not understand why we do not keep the fish. Simple. Rule in the house is, if John catches them, John cleans them, and he does not want to clean them, and I definitely won't clean them. So they go back into the lake. Mom claimed that fresh fish is so much better after we told her that if we want to eat fish, we will buy it at the store. This made no sense to her.

John then went back out to the lake again yesterday evening and caught 10 more fish. I stayed home.

John claims there are only 6 weeks of fishing left, as he does not ice fish. Too cold.

Ashley was here saying hi until she heard Rusty crying and went to play with him. Rusty has been really good about that calico cat coming around. He did not whine at all over him.

This morning, Hurricane Katrina was on the news. The eye has not hit land yet, but it has already been doing some damage. The hurricane is as wide as the distance from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Oklahoma. We are expecting her to hit us Wednesday. Well, people prayed for rain...be careful what you pray for.

This morning, I took a load of whites downstairs to wash. Then I cleaned the cat litter box and took out the trash. The trash can was in the yard since the trash man came and picked up trash today. So I emptied the water out of the trash can and put a new bag on trash in to replace what was taken and took the can to the back.

When I came back up, Hurricane Katrina is still top news, and probably will be all day. She is the 11th storm this season, and it is not even September yet. Plus, in the gulf of Mexico, she got to level 5, because of the 90 degree water.

astronauts in space told us that they could see how our atmosphere has thinned. There is definitely a global warming going on. Am I the only one concerned about this?

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