26 August 2005

100 Things about me

One of the people in a blogging group I belong to suggested writing 100 things about ourselves. Here is my attempt:

1~ I am female

2~ I am 5'9"

3~ I have brown hair

4~ I have hazel eyes

5~ I wear eye glasses

6~ I have 3 cats (or rather they have me)

7~ I am very happily married

8~ I live in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

9~ I was born on a U.S. Air Force base in Libya, Tripoli

10~ I was baptized as a toddler Orthodox in Detroit, Michigan

11~ When I was 7, I was baptized in a Baptist church in Spring Lake, Michigan

12~ When I was 9, I was baptized again in the same Baptist church because I did not think God took me seriously the first time

13~ I am the first born of 3.

14~ I was born under the sun sign of Cancer (moon child)

15~ I was born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon

16~ My dad was away at sea when I was born

17~ I arrived in the U.S. when I was 3 weeks old

18~ I met my dad for the first time when I was a few month old

19~ I am a Coast Guard brat

20~ I am half Greek

21~ When I was born, my mom did not know any English

22~ When my mom and I arrive in the U.S. for the first time, we were greeted by my dad's mom and step-dad

23~ I am a high school graduate

24~ When I was 13, it was the first time I became a vegetarian

25~ When I was 15, I started eating meat again

26~ When I was in my early 20's, I was a vegetarian for the second time

27~ In 1990, I started eating meat again

28~ I am now an omnivore

29~ I am married to a Carnivore

30~ I love ethnic foods

31~ I love heights

32~ My favorite season is Autumn

33~ I am large chested

34~ I am 1 year, 7 months, 28 days older than my brother

35~ I am almost 8 years older than my sister

36~ I am an aunt

37~ I was married in a small Baptist church

38~ I met my husband on Saint Patrick's Day 1998.

39~ I met my husband on the Internet

40~ I started learning Greek and English at the same time

41~ My first haircut was when I was 9 years old

42~ I was named after my grandmothers

43~ My name means "Torch of Peace"

44~ I have been married twice

45~ First time I was married, I was 19 years old

46~ My first husband was bi-sexual

47~ My first husband was an alcoholic

48~ My first husband smoked Marijuana

49~ My first husband was an Electronic Technician in the Coast Guard

50~ The wonderful man I am married to is heterosexual

51~ The wonderful man I am married to does not drink alcohol at all

52~ The wonderful man I am married to has never smoked even a cigarette

53~ The wonderful man I am married to is a college graduate

54~ The wonderful man I am married to is an engineer

55~ The wonderful man I am married to is from Elm Grove, West Virginia, U.S.A.

56~ I was called a "tar baby" by a therapist my ex-husband & I went to for marriage counseling

57~ When I was little, my mom would say before bed every night,"kali nikta et se agapo para poli kukla mou" (translates to good night and I love you very much my doll)

58~ Colors that look best on me are summer colors

59~ My dad's nickname for me when I was little was "half-breed".

60~ First time I understood what "half-breed" meant was in 3rd grade when I heard Cher's song "half-breed" and identified with it

61~ My first pet was a puppy my dad got me when he first met me

62~ I never had a cat before I was married

63~ I used to kamikaze bike

64~ I used to kamikaze tobaggan

65~ I got my first pair of blue jeans when I was 13 years old after we got back to Italy from visiting my grandmother in Greece

66~ I learned how to swim in 5th grade

67~ I was certified Aquatics

68~ I was certified Respite Care

69~ I was certified CPR

70~ I was certified Nurses Aide

71~ I started earning money at babysitting when I was 11 years old

72~ After highschool, I worked 2 waitress jobs at the same time

73~ The first Italian word I learned was "Aqua" when I was 12 years old which my dad told me

74~ I have a U.S. passport

75~ The last time I used my passport was February 1998

76~ I was in London for 3 days during the Queens silver jubilee

77~ I lived in Italy for 2 years

78~ I became a teen in Italy

79~ I had my first crush in Italy to our landlord's son, Antonio Galleo

80~ No one at that time knew about my crush

81~ My first mutual French kiss was when I was 18

82~ My first steady boyfriend was when I was 18

83~ My 9th grade correspondence course was from Lincoln Nebraska University

84~ My 7th & 8th grade correspondence courses were from Calvert School in Maryland

85~ The only military housing we lived in was in Cape May, New Jersey

86~ The only military base that I went to school on was Semeri Crichi, Calabria, Italy

87~ First martial arts lesson I learned was from my dad and Captain Cambell in our dining room in Sellia Marina, Italy when I was 13 years old

88~ My Aunt Dorothy taught me how to tie my shoe laces when I was a child

89~ I broke my collar bone when I was 4 years old

90~ When I was 4, my favorite aunt was my Aunt Nellie who has since died of cervical cancer

91~ When I was 4, my favorite uncle was my Uncle Bill

92~ On our first date, my husband gave me a white teddy bear and a dozen roses in a vase

93~ My first date with my husband was a double date in Youngstown, Ohio

94~ I wore a black nylon mini skirt, green Oxford pullover, black flats the first time my husband saw me in person

95~ The first restaurant my husband and I ate at together was Golden Corral

96~ The first computer I ever used was a TRS80 III in 1982 during computer programming class

97~ First web page I ever made was in 1998

98~ First bulletin board I ever belonged to was in Houston, Texas

99~ I was a Physical Therapy major at Victoria College in Victoria, Texas

100~ I wore a patch over my eye during my 8th birthday because of Lazy eye

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