29 August 2005

Good morning world

I just noticed that this will be my 200th post. Pretty cool.

Yesterday, John caught 10 fish at the lake. Of course he released them alive back into the water. Mom called after John got back. She loves to eat fish, and does not understand why we do not keep the fish. Simple. Rule in the house is, if John catches them, John cleans them, and he does not want to clean them, and I definitely won't clean them. So they go back into the lake. Mom claimed that fresh fish is so much better after we told her that if we want to eat fish, we will buy it at the store. This made no sense to her.

John then went back out to the lake again yesterday evening and caught 10 more fish. I stayed home.

John claims there are only 6 weeks of fishing left, as he does not ice fish. Too cold.

Ashley was here saying hi until she heard Rusty crying and went to play with him. Rusty has been really good about that calico cat coming around. He did not whine at all over him.

This morning, Hurricane Katrina was on the news. The eye has not hit land yet, but it has already been doing some damage. The hurricane is as wide as the distance from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Oklahoma. We are expecting her to hit us Wednesday. Well, people prayed for rain...be careful what you pray for.

This morning, I took a load of whites downstairs to wash. Then I cleaned the cat litter box and took out the trash. The trash can was in the yard since the trash man came and picked up trash today. So I emptied the water out of the trash can and put a new bag on trash in to replace what was taken and took the can to the back.

When I came back up, Hurricane Katrina is still top news, and probably will be all day. She is the 11th storm this season, and it is not even September yet. Plus, in the gulf of Mexico, she got to level 5, because of the 90 degree water.

astronauts in space told us that they could see how our atmosphere has thinned. There is definitely a global warming going on. Am I the only one concerned about this?

28 August 2005

Good morning world

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. John is at the lake fishing. I have been watching CBS Sunday morning news while drinking a latte.

On the news this morning, there were many interesting topics. My favorite though was of Eartha Kitt (or something like that). She is the "illegitimate" daughter of a plantation owner (her father..."white") and her mother was American Indian and African American. She talked about how no one could relate to her. I completely identified with her. She is 78 years old, and still very beautiful, intelligent, fiesty. I really like her. I remember when I was little looking at magazines where the beauty standard was anemic thin, blonde hair, blue eyes, no chest, and thinking that I was "ugly" as my brother used to call me. I had very thick dark brown hair, deep set hazel eyes (I was born with black hair and blue eyes, but they changed as I grew older) and I was not a fat child, but I was not petite either.

This was me at age 19, so you can see, I am definitely not petite, nor am I fat.

I do not look just like my mom nor do I look just like my dad...I am not a clone of either one. My personality does not fit into my family either. I have had friends and family members tell me that I do not fit into the family. It is hard...like not belonging. But when I see beautiful, successful, strong women like Eartha, it makes me very proud. Viva le difference.:-)

26 August 2005

100 Things about me

One of the people in a blogging group I belong to suggested writing 100 things about ourselves. Here is my attempt:

1~ I am female

2~ I am 5'9"

3~ I have brown hair

4~ I have hazel eyes

5~ I wear eye glasses

6~ I have 3 cats (or rather they have me)

7~ I am very happily married

8~ I live in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

9~ I was born on a U.S. Air Force base in Libya, Tripoli

10~ I was baptized as a toddler Orthodox in Detroit, Michigan

11~ When I was 7, I was baptized in a Baptist church in Spring Lake, Michigan

12~ When I was 9, I was baptized again in the same Baptist church because I did not think God took me seriously the first time

13~ I am the first born of 3.

14~ I was born under the sun sign of Cancer (moon child)

15~ I was born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon

16~ My dad was away at sea when I was born

17~ I arrived in the U.S. when I was 3 weeks old

18~ I met my dad for the first time when I was a few month old

19~ I am a Coast Guard brat

20~ I am half Greek

21~ When I was born, my mom did not know any English

22~ When my mom and I arrive in the U.S. for the first time, we were greeted by my dad's mom and step-dad

23~ I am a high school graduate

24~ When I was 13, it was the first time I became a vegetarian

25~ When I was 15, I started eating meat again

26~ When I was in my early 20's, I was a vegetarian for the second time

27~ In 1990, I started eating meat again

28~ I am now an omnivore

29~ I am married to a Carnivore

30~ I love ethnic foods

31~ I love heights

32~ My favorite season is Autumn

33~ I am large chested

34~ I am 1 year, 7 months, 28 days older than my brother

35~ I am almost 8 years older than my sister

36~ I am an aunt

37~ I was married in a small Baptist church

38~ I met my husband on Saint Patrick's Day 1998.

39~ I met my husband on the Internet

40~ I started learning Greek and English at the same time

41~ My first haircut was when I was 9 years old

42~ I was named after my grandmothers

43~ My name means "Torch of Peace"

44~ I have been married twice

45~ First time I was married, I was 19 years old

46~ My first husband was bi-sexual

47~ My first husband was an alcoholic

48~ My first husband smoked Marijuana

49~ My first husband was an Electronic Technician in the Coast Guard

50~ The wonderful man I am married to is heterosexual

51~ The wonderful man I am married to does not drink alcohol at all

52~ The wonderful man I am married to has never smoked even a cigarette

53~ The wonderful man I am married to is a college graduate

54~ The wonderful man I am married to is an engineer

55~ The wonderful man I am married to is from Elm Grove, West Virginia, U.S.A.

56~ I was called a "tar baby" by a therapist my ex-husband & I went to for marriage counseling

57~ When I was little, my mom would say before bed every night,"kali nikta et se agapo para poli kukla mou" (translates to good night and I love you very much my doll)

58~ Colors that look best on me are summer colors

59~ My dad's nickname for me when I was little was "half-breed".

60~ First time I understood what "half-breed" meant was in 3rd grade when I heard Cher's song "half-breed" and identified with it

61~ My first pet was a puppy my dad got me when he first met me

62~ I never had a cat before I was married

63~ I used to kamikaze bike

64~ I used to kamikaze tobaggan

65~ I got my first pair of blue jeans when I was 13 years old after we got back to Italy from visiting my grandmother in Greece

66~ I learned how to swim in 5th grade

67~ I was certified Aquatics

68~ I was certified Respite Care

69~ I was certified CPR

70~ I was certified Nurses Aide

71~ I started earning money at babysitting when I was 11 years old

72~ After highschool, I worked 2 waitress jobs at the same time

73~ The first Italian word I learned was "Aqua" when I was 12 years old which my dad told me

74~ I have a U.S. passport

75~ The last time I used my passport was February 1998

76~ I was in London for 3 days during the Queens silver jubilee

77~ I lived in Italy for 2 years

78~ I became a teen in Italy

79~ I had my first crush in Italy to our landlord's son, Antonio Galleo

80~ No one at that time knew about my crush

81~ My first mutual French kiss was when I was 18

82~ My first steady boyfriend was when I was 18

83~ My 9th grade correspondence course was from Lincoln Nebraska University

84~ My 7th & 8th grade correspondence courses were from Calvert School in Maryland

85~ The only military housing we lived in was in Cape May, New Jersey

86~ The only military base that I went to school on was Semeri Crichi, Calabria, Italy

87~ First martial arts lesson I learned was from my dad and Captain Cambell in our dining room in Sellia Marina, Italy when I was 13 years old

88~ My Aunt Dorothy taught me how to tie my shoe laces when I was a child

89~ I broke my collar bone when I was 4 years old

90~ When I was 4, my favorite aunt was my Aunt Nellie who has since died of cervical cancer

91~ When I was 4, my favorite uncle was my Uncle Bill

92~ On our first date, my husband gave me a white teddy bear and a dozen roses in a vase

93~ My first date with my husband was a double date in Youngstown, Ohio

94~ I wore a black nylon mini skirt, green Oxford pullover, black flats the first time my husband saw me in person

95~ The first restaurant my husband and I ate at together was Golden Corral

96~ The first computer I ever used was a TRS80 III in 1982 during computer programming class

97~ First web page I ever made was in 1998

98~ First bulletin board I ever belonged to was in Houston, Texas

99~ I was a Physical Therapy major at Victoria College in Victoria, Texas

100~ I wore a patch over my eye during my 8th birthday because of Lazy eye

Good Morning World

Yay! John got home from North Carolina yesterday. I went to Uniontown to pick him up. I saw a co-worker of John's and talked to him. He is a really great guy. He told me that John had to go back on the road today. John confirmed it when he came out. This morning at 3:50 a.m. the alarm went off. At 4:40 a.m., John and I were on our way to the Eaten Park in New Stanton where we met one of John's co-workers was waiting for John with the company van at 4:58 a.m.. I got out of the car for fresh air and watched them drive away heading north to meet up with 2 more co-workers before heading west for their 4 hour drive into Ohio.

I needed caffeine. So I went into Eaten Park restaurant and waited for where the sign said "Wait to be seated". A nice waitress with a smile seated me in the none smoking section in the corner facing a nice older couple. Everyone else was in the smoking section. Waitresses asked me if I knew what I wanted to drink where I immediately replied,"Coffee with extra lead." She brought back an 8 oz. coffee cup with black liquid energy inside. I tasted it, and then added a packet of Sweet N Low and a liquid packet of creamer. On my second cup, I decided on Strawberry waffle. It is something I would never make for myself at home.

At 6 a.m. I was back home. Rusty ran to the door. Moocher squinted hello at the top of the stairs. Ashley was asleep on the condo, so I went and petted her while she purred. Then Rusty came in crying that I was neglecting him.

Right now, Ashley is with me eating Ruffles Sour Cream & Onion potato chips that John brought back with him. Earlier, she asked me for food, so I opened her a can, and sure enough, there was Moocher blocking her from the food dish. So Ashley just walked away. Moocher had just eaten an hour earlier.

Since I did not want to disturb the people downstairs so early, I just watched TV in bed clicking between ABC, CBS, NBC local news stations. They all pretty much said the same thing. It is suppose to rain all weekend, and the Hurricane is suppose to hit here Wednesday if it stays on track. Fine with me. The lawn needs the rain.

Hopefully, John will be home in time for Sci-Fi night. I will probably have to tape the first shows for him...Fire Fly; Stargate SG-1; Stargate Atlantis; Battlestar Galactica. I can honestly say that they are probably the best shows on television now. Definitely better than these reality shows for voyours. Far too much like the chapter in Fahrenheit 451 where the main character's wife is in front of the television watching these people on screen living their lives and the wife interacts with them like they are her own family. We have gotten so much into watching other people live their lives that many Americans have forgotten how to live their own. And the villain in this is an English immigrant who started the reality TV wave with the show Survivor. I guess the English could not defeat us in the Revolutionary War, defeat us in the War of 1812, divide us by encouraging the South to secede from the Union in the Civil War...so they send over a man to destroy us by wiping out our minds through reality TV. Great job.

25 August 2005

Good morning world

It is 10:28 a.m. Thursday morning, and I am sitting here eating my breakfast of canned peaches, non-fat yogurt, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, and half a diet Coca-Cola.

Last night I went to bed at 11 p.m. after talking to John on the phone. He is coming home today. Yay! I then changed into my pajamas and watched tv in bed sleeping at the foot of the bed since I had the entire bed to myself and watched Iron Chef. It was a Carp battle. I was amazed they could do so much from Carp concidering here it is called "junk fish" because they eat the junk off the bottom of the lakes are not concidered good to eat. I did feel sorry for the Carp though since the Carp were still alive and did not exactly have a quick death. One of the chefs kept hitting the Carp in the head with the cleaver trying to knock the Carp out.

Last night was the first night in a while I was able to turn the air conditioner off and actually sleep with the windows open. It was so nice. I love that Autumn is coming! Yay! Soon the leaves will start to change and everything will be beautifully colored in golds, oranges, reds. I have also noticed that people are out walking and riding their bikes now that the weather is cooler. I love Autumn!

Autumn also means hunting season. I feel for the does and fawns dead on the highway because they cannot get over the truck barriers and get hit by a car. The truck barriers are hazardous. Yet they put them up so trucks to not cross the barrier and hit oncoming traffic. To me, that is nuts. Trucks should not run into oncoming traffic in the first place, and the put up these barriers to me is very irresponsible. The Department of Highways here in Pennsylvania seriously needs to put someone in charge with common sense or at least some intelligence instead of just political connections.

This morning, Rusty was the first to wake me up crying and then standing on me and biting me. Unfortunately, he was the last to get breakfast. I went to the kitchen and cleaned out their bowls. Gave them fresh water and cat food, and sure enough,
Moocher was the first to the food. Then
Ashley was right behind Moocher.
Ashley is really great about leaping onto the refrigerater and then on top of the cabinets. The boys cannot accomplish this feat yet. While John was on vacation, he cleaned the dining room and built a shelf there to store stuff like sodas. Ashley has made this her new gymnasium. Poor Moocher watches her, but he is unable to jump as high as she can, and cannot make it to the shelves. So this morning, Ashley jumped up to the 3rd shelf while Moocher just watched, and then pounced the little guy. After that, while I was washing dishes, I noticed Moocher just studying the shelf trying to figure out how to get up it.

23 August 2005

Grandma & Grandpa Main

This is the grave marker for my dad's mom and stepfather who are buried in Hastings, Michigan. It is amazing what we learn about a person after they have passed over. Images and secrets come uncovered. It also helps that I am into genealogy, so I can remember them as loving grandparents, but also see their flaws as wonderfully interesting humans.

Marjorie Helen Hynes Count was a widow with 3 children when she met Dale Main, Senior. Dale was married at the time with a son, Dale Main, Junior. Marjorie and Dale started dating while Dale was still married to his second wife.

Dale's mother was Irish while his father was Iroquoi. Dale's grandfather was cheif of the Iroquoi, but Dale's father had to make a choice between marrying a "white" woman or being cheif.

My dad was 11 years old when his mom married Dale Main on 8 December 1951. Dale and Marjorie proceded to have 3 more children. When my dad was 14, his mother made him sign over the farm to sell it...the farm my dad's biological father left him. The money went for a trip to Arizona and so Dale could start a glass making company which my dad worked in. This did not last long though, and the family ended up in Michigan and my dad continued working while my grandparents ended up on Social Security.

I remember as a child, my grandfather's mother living with my grandparents also. She never went into a nursing home. She lived with my grandparents, and then she moved to a little cottage on Uncle Carl's land very close to the main house. That is where she died.

My grandmother, unfortunately, did not have that same luxury. After her stroke, she was put into a nursing home. My grandmother wanted to escape from the nursing home, and complained how bad the food was. She was on a diet because of her diabetes.

My grandfather (my dad's step dad), died at home. He got up to go to the bathroom. He just dropped. The coroner said he was dead before he hit the ground. My grandfather wore a pacemaker, and the pacemaker just stopped.

16 August 2005

Earthdate 16 August 2005

It amazes me how some people think in absolutes, like the world was just black and white, or just good and evil. When I think of that kind of world, I think of the Stepford Wives which scares the daylights out of me. I love the diversity, colors, rollercoasters or our universe. Think how boring life would be if all the anal people won and the world was perfect. Talk about boredom central. And whose idea of perfection is really perfect for everyone?

I am definitely not perfect by a long shot, yet I know there are people who love me for who I am...faults and all.

Seeing flaws in someone or not liking a choice they made does not mean I love that person any less. It is the people that I love that I can truely see...really see.

Life is about choices and consequences. Not all choices are easy. Some choices are very painful. Some choices come at a high cost. But pretending to be perfect and hiding secrets is not taking responsibility for your choices.

I chose to live with my husband before we were married. There are people who were very upset by this chose and concidered it an affront to them. To be honest, when I chose to live with my husband before we were married, it was not something we planned. We were in love and Lakewood, Ohio to Saint Albans, West Virginia is quite a distance. One day in West Virginia I just did not go back to Lakewood. That was my choice. If someone else does not like that...tough. Like Billy Joel sang,"I don't care what they say any more this is my life."

I also know from one of my blogs that there are people who believe that I think my mom was a bad mother. On the contrary. I think she was a great mother. She loved all of her kids very much. Not only was she a Coast Guardman's wife, she was also the wife of an alcoholic, and the wife of a man whose family tried to break up their marriage because my mother was different.

I remember before my sister was born, my paternal grandparents sitting my brother and myself down at their dining room table and telling us that when my parents broke up, or if anything happened to one of my parents, we were going to come live with them. My parents were not part of this conversation. I never told them either. I loved my grandparents. I also love my parents. I knew my dad's family tried to break up their marriage. My great-aunt even told me that my parents never should have been married because it would mess up the kids. She said this to ME...one of the kids that was suppose to be messed up because 2 people from different countries, different languages, different religions fell in love, got married, had children.

People amaze me.

In an earlier blog, I talked about my education. I think we need a much better federal system of education.

*November 1974 we were transferred from Grand Haven, Michigan to Cape May, New Jersey...in the middle of a school year.

*1 May 1977 we were transferred from Cape May, New Jersey to Semeri Chrichi, Calabria, Italy...near the end of a school year so I did not have enough school days to pass, and credits would not transfer since it was 7th grade.

*1 May 1979 we were transferred from Semeri Chrichi, Calabria, Italy to Cleveland, Ohio. At this time I was taking a correspondence course from Lincoln Nebraska University for my 9th grade credits. The government wanted to send me to a boarding school in Spain, but my dad said he wanted to keep the family together. So the best high school at the time was in New York, but my dad did not want me to take the fairy from Governor's Island because teen girls were getting raped there. So my dad accepted Cleveland, Ohio. Lakewood, Ohio was suppose to have one of the top schools so I could continue with my education. But my dad and paternal grandfather went looking for a place to live leaving my mom behind (which I still find strange. My grandfather was not going to be the one to live there...my mom was. If my husband ever tried to pull that on me, I would definitely blow up). My dad and grandfather found a duplex which was a block inside Cleveland city limits, so instead of going to Lakewood High, I went to Gallagher, which was an inner city Cleveland school. And then they started bussing. So I was bussed to a "black" school on the east side of Cleveland. Then again, before the school year ended, my parents decided they were going to move into Lakewood and pull me out before the school year ended, so I lost my credits (again, this was April or May, so I could not just finish out the year in Lakewood).

The funniest part about this is that after I graduated high school, my brother went out of his way to obtain my Lakewood High report card to show I did not get perfect grades. I do not think it was my mom who hid my school books. I think it was the same person who used to steal my diary and read it with his friends.

When I was in Italy, I caught up because a teacher said I could do it. That was all it took. I got straight As doing it also from Calvert School of Maryland. My 9th grade course from Lincoln Nebraska University I got straight As also, though I must admit, Algebra was my favorite, so I would do a month's worth of Algebra work before finishing a week's worth of the less interesting subjects to me.

So if there is any doubt, I do love my mom. When I was little, before going to bed every night, she would say,"Se aga po para poli Kukla mou (I love you very much my doll)." until my dad forbid her to speak Greek to me any more.

02 August 2005


I struck a nerve.

My brother who, the last time I heard from was to borrow my car which he totalled, emailed me an email threat.

My sister also copied and pasted my blog to me telling me I was not allowed to write about this stuff any more.

These are both people I have not seen in years, and appearantly, I have learned that their memories are different from mine, and that I am suppose to discount my memories and go with their stories. That is not going to happen. So this is what I am going to do since I have learned there are so many lies about me floating around...I am going to start talking about my life and my memories. If you do not like it, don't read the blog. That simple.

By the way, my brother has never even reimbursed me even a penny for totalling my car, let alone the time he totalled my apartment. As a matter of fact, the last time we talked about him totalling my apartment (I let him borrow my apartment for a weekend while I went to visit my grandmother in Michigan...I was living in Cleveland, Ohio at the time...this was between March and July 1984) he laughed and thought it was funny that he did so much damage. At the time, when I got back from my grandmother's, I had a visit from each one of my neighbors to let me know about the party my brother threw and how some guy was trying to sing to Ozzy Ozborn's "Iron Man".

It was two & a half months before my eighth birthday when my sister was born. I am very impressed from her email that she sent me that she remembers this telling me that I never took care of her when she was a baby. Fact is, I used to change her diapers (we had cloth diapers then, and used safety pins to fasten them), and I used to have to rock my sister to sleep.

As my sister got older, my parents used to pay my sister a coin to report any information about me back to them. This is one of the ways they kept track of what was going on.

And of the pictures I have of my cousin's wedding, I took those pictures myself years ago. I think they are great pictures and very complimentary. If you do not like them, that is your opinion. The people who have been emailing me threats about the pictures and the previous post, I do not respect anyways, and your threats only encourage me.

Thanks for letting me know this blog is being read.